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Living in Singapore (back to top)

Find out more about Singapore, living cost and housing here.


Orientation (back to top)

All incoming exchange students are encouraged to attend a half-day orientation briefing usually held 3-days before the commencement of Teaching Week. The exact date shall be advised in the GEM Trailblazer Exchange/Study Abroad Portal.

The briefing will provide you with information on course registration, campus resources, health services and adjustment matters.


Banking (back to top)

It is optional for you to open a bank account.

If you wish to open a savings account in Singapore, please note that you may be charged with an administrative fee should you close the account within the first 6 months, and some banks may not allow you to open an account if you are staying in Singapore for less than 6 months.​​

Visa / Mastercard / American Express / Diners Club / Maestro / Plus are widely recognised in Singapore. You may withdraw money from most bank machines. There are also ATM machines located around campus.

For full banking facilities,there is an Overseas Chinese Bank Corporation (OCBC) located on campus. You may also visit Jurong Point Shopping Centre, which is located near campus for your banking needs.


Health Insurance (back to top)

It is compulsory for all exchange students to be covered under the NTU student insurance schemes, namely Group Personal Accident Insurance (GPAI), Group Hospitalisation & Surgical Insurance (GHSI) and Medical scheme, even if students have already bought similar insurance in their home country. The cost of these student insurance schemes is included in the compulsory administrative fees.

Falling ill and being hospitalised in Singapore can be a financial drain on international students, who are not entitled to the medical subsidies that Singapore citizens enjoy. Besides the coverage it provides, the GHSI (subject to its terms and conditions) allows you to request a Letter of Guarantee from the underwriter and present it in lieu of the requisite deposit upon admission to government / restructured hospitals in Singapore

For more coverage details please refer to this link.


Meals & Amenities

Find out more here


Miscellaneous Fees (back to top)

You are required to pay the mandatory Miscellaneous Fees. You will receive an email in your NTU Email Account before 31 July (for Semester 1) & 31 December (for Semester 2) informing you of the amount payable and methods of payments.

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