Academic Information

​​​​Important information on GEM Trailblazer Exchange programme at a glance.

​Study Le​​​vel

Undergradu​ate (UG) and Gradu​ate (PG)​

Exchange Period ​One or Two semester(s)
Semester Dates

The semester dates are:

Semester 1 (Fall): August – ​December
Semester 2 (Spring): January – May

Please refer to the academic calendar for the exact dates. Please note that the trimester calendar is not applicable to incoming exchange students.

Medium of InstructionThe main language of instruction is English.
Workload per SemesterUndergraduates (UG)

All UG students usually take 3 to 5 courses per semester based on 3 or 4 AU per course (subject to home university's and NTU's approval).  There is no minimum workload, however, the maximum workload allowed is 6 courses or 20 AUs per semester.

Graduates (PG)
All PG students are allowed to only read postgraduate courses. To be enrolled in NTU, you must take a minimum of one postgraduate course and up to a maximum of five postgraduate courses. Please visit the Course Selection page for the list of available PG courses.

Direct Masters
Direct Masters students are advised to apply as Undergraduate, so that you can have access to both undergraduate and postgraduate courses:

•To read advanced undergraduate courses offered at Year 4 level.

•To read postgraduate courses, you must have completed at least seven (7) semesters at your home university and have met the necessary course pre-requisites.


For access to the full course list for exchange students, please refer to Course Selection.

​Restricted Programmes
for Exchange Students
See​​ the full list of restricted programmes and courses for Undergraduates and Postgraduates on our Restricted Programmes​ page.
NTU Academic Unit System

NTU's courses are assigned credits based on the Academic Unit (AU) System.
For a typical one semester course, the number of AUs is calculated as follows:

One hour of lecture / tutorial per week: 1 AU
Three hours of laboratory/fieldwork per week: 1 AU

Most courses offered in NTU are 3 to 4 AUs

To find more about the AU System, please refer to:
Undergraduates AU System
Postgraduates AU System

Grading System

​NTU uses the Grade Point Average (GPA) system in awarding grade:

LetterGrade Grade Point
Academic TranscriptsUpon completion of the Study exchange, two copies of the official NTU transcript will be a​irmailed directly to the student's home university within two months of the release of examination results. One of the copies will be for the student's retention, while the other copy will be retained by the home university. Electronic transcripts are not available.

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