Course Registration


Undergraduates (UG)

Upon receiving your E-Welcome information, you will be given access to the GEM Trailblazer Exchange/Study Abroad Portal. In this web portal, you shall see the registration status of your UG courses.

You will be pre-registered a number of your approved UG courses during NTU course registration period in July (Semester 1's application) and Dec (Semester 2's application). This shall be subjected to the discretion of the offering Schools, availability and no clashes in class/examination timetable.

You would have the opportunity to register for additional approved UG courses (subjected to vacancies) during the Add/Drop period in the first two week of the semester.

Please note that some UG courses are highly popular, particularly Business, Accountancy, Economic & Sociology courses. While the University will try to meet the demand where possible, exchange students should expect that not all demands can be met due to vacancy limitations.

Graduates (PG)

PG students will only receive their Letter of Enrolment issued by the Office of Global Education and Mobility (OGEM) upon approval of at least 1 PG course and maximum 5 PG courses.  

Your approved PG courses shall be registered for you during the course registration period. Approval and registration of PG courses shall be subjected to the discretion of the offering schools, availability, vacancies, pre-requisites and no clashes in class/examination timetable.


Direct Masters

Refer to the UG information section for UG courses; and the PG information section for PG courses.


Ask Anything!​

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