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A great place to Live, Learn, Work and Play.

Singapore is a vibrantly cosmopolitan and culturally diverse city-state off the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula in South East Asia. Among the 20 smallest countries in the world with a total land area of 710.2 square kilometres, Singapore and her people have beaten the odds to be a world leader in many aspects such as education, several economic areas, aviation and public service.

As of 2018, the population of Singapore is 5.64 million people, of whom 3.99 million (70.8%) are citizens and permanent residents while the rest (29.2%) are non-residents. As such, Singapore is a truly multicultural kaleidoscope with four official languages: English, Chinese, Malay and Tamil, adopted from each of the four major ethnic or 'racial' groups: Eurasian, Chinese, Malay and Indian. Malay is the national language and English is the language of administration.

Being close to the equator, Singapore has a tropical rainforest climate with no distinctive seasons, uniform temperature, high humidity, and abundant rainfall. Temperatures usually range from 23 to 32 °C (73 to 90 °F).

Singapore's strategic location, excellent facilities, fascinating cultural contrasts and tourist attractions contribute to our success as a leading destination for both business and pleasure.

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Living Cost (back to top)

The living cost you incur shall depend on your lifestyle. Student should prepare sufficient money and manage your finances responsibly to cover living expenses that ranges from accommodation, food, transportation, personal expenses to textbooks (excluding travel expenses) etc. The following estimated month expenses serves as a guide for budgetary purposes only.

ItemEstimated monthly expenses (in Singapore Dollar)#
Off-campus housing (varies with size, type, location etc.)$500 - $1,200*
Meals$300 to $400
Personal expenses$200 to $400
Transportation within Singapore$100
Textbooks and course materials$200 to $500 per academic year
Other administrative fee (Miscellaneous Fee)

Undergraduate students - $250* per semester
Postgraduate students - $280* per semester

The above compulsory payment includes administrative costs; IT facilities; sports amenities; student health service; insurance, etc.

​* Subject to revision
# Varies according to lifestyle


Housing (back to top)

All incoming exchange students would be guaranteed on-campus housing as long as the online housing application is submitted before the stipulated deadline. Exchange students coming on Research exchange shall be recommended for off-campus housing in view of the varied project dates.

Students who are unsuccessful with their on-campus housing application must be prepared to live off-campus.


Off-Campus Housing

If you are unsuccessful in your application for on-campus housing, you shall be recommended off-campus housing at hostels located within short distance to NTU.​

For more information on off-campus housing options, you may visit here.

If you are looking for private student hostels, you may like to visit here.

On-campus Housing

NTU has 24 halls of residence that are home to some 10,400 undergraduates. They offer similarly styled housing and are co-ed by floor or wing. All exchange students successful in securing on-campus housing shall be housed in one of our 24 undergraduate Halls of Residence which were built in different periods with some dating back to the 1970s. Find out more about our Halls of Residence here.

Application & Allocation

  • Application for on-campus housing is available online via the GEM Trailblazer Exchange/Study Abroad Portal, which you will be able to find in your e-Welcome email.
  • Students who do not submit the housing application online before the stipulated closing date, will be deemed as opted out from on-campus housing.
  • Should you be successful in securing on-campus housing, you will be placed in one of our 24 Halls of Residences based on double occupancy i.e. twin-sharing, where 19 Halls have selected rooms with air conditioner. All rooms have ceiling fans.
  • Full-year exchange students, who successfully secured on-campus housing for their first semester,  are required to re-apply in the following semester.
  • Room assignment is random and request for transfer of Halls shall not be entertained. Request for specific room-mates or preferred Halls will not be acceded to.
  • If you have a medical condition and/or have specific requests, you will have to submit a doctor's letter certifying the condition, which shall be subsequently verified by the NTU Medical Centre.
  • You are required to declare any medical condition(s) and request(s) when submitting your application for GEM Trailblazer.
  • Period of stay in the Hall is determined by the approved period of exchange as stipulated on the NTU Letter of Enrolment.
  • Housing options are described in detail at:  


Check-In Date

  • Usually 3 days prior commencement of the semester.
    The Office of Housing & Auxiliary Services (HAS) shall notify the exact check-in date to exchange students who are successful in securing on-campus housing as soon as the check-in dates are confirmed.


  • Exchange students who intend to arrive earlier than the check-in date and/or arrive after office hours shall source for temporary off-campus housing.
  • Students may stay in the assigned Hall of Residence during the period determined by the approved period of exchange as stipulated in the admission letter.


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