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NTU has played host university to thousands of international exchange students. Find out what the exchange students have to say about their GEM Trailblazer experience at NTU!

My experience has been great so far! The scenery is beautiful! It has been fun participating in on-campus activities and experiencing Singapore and travelling. But what I love most about being in Singapore is the cultural differences and involvement of the full-time students with the community, other students and the international exchange students.

Heather McCloud
Arizona State University, USA
School of Art, Design and Media


It was easy to integrate into campus life through hall events such as night cycling food trails and on-campus societies. I was also honoured to have met NTU President, Prof Bertil Andersson, during the Lunar New Year celebrations and even participated in the unique Singaporean tradition, Lo Hei! Through enjoying laksa and durian, visiting Hindu temples, and participating in different festivities, Singapore has enlightened me to the beauty of the multicultural intersection of language, religion and food. This remarkable experience will help to shape me into a global citizen, scholar and scientist.

Amanda Leigh-Erwin
Central Michigan University
School of Biological Sciences


NTU is, in a word, variety. There are students from all over the world who speak different languages and come from diverse cultures. Through my time in Singapore, I have been able to make friends with many of them. It was also convenient to travel around Southeast Asia with my new found friends. I'm glad NTU made this possible.

Lee Hyungdon
Korea University
School of Civil and Environmental Engineering


Singapore is a very interesting country. Despite its small size, it is filled with means of entertainment like shopping malls and gaming centres. However, the most enriching experience I've had at NTU was the fun environment and the numerous new people I met. There was always something happening on campus and there were many clubs to join. Sport facilities abound and cheap food is widely available in the 14 canteens. I hope you will have as much fun as I did.

Houman Kelasi
Korea University
School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering


At NTU, I took interesting classes that were not available at my home university; some of which were specific to South East Asia. I will definitely miss the tasty food, including some dishes that I have never seen before, instead of the boring lunchboxes you have to bring yourself at my home university. I have certainly enjoyed living in the multifaceted city of Singapore. This awesome experience has enabled me to learn about the Singaporean and South East Asian cultures as well as about myself.

Mimmi Gustafsson
Linkoping University
School of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences


Much of Southeast Asia is within two hours by flight and this makes an exchange year in Singapore much more diverse. I have taken most of my courses here at the Nanyang Business School and the quality of my courses has been astonishingly good. I will always remember my time here as a tough, instructive and inspiring study period combined with unforgettable trips around the region.

Joel Engström
Linköping University, Sweden
Nanyang Business School


Singapore is a true melting pot of both Eastern and Western cultures. Whilst here, you will have the opportunity to explore traditional cultures in a safe and developed environment. Singaporeans are also amongst the most hospitable I have met. At NTU you will be part of a vibrant, diverse and inclusive student community. In addition, professors, sporting coaches, and of course the OGEM staff will all go above and beyond to ensure that your stay is both enjoyable and enriching.

Matthew Samson
Macquarie University
School of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences


My stay in Singapore, and especially my studies at NTU, has been personally enriching. I'm really sold on Singapore and I can imagine working there someday for a period of time. Witnessing different Asian cultures coming together in Singapore was an amazing experience. I strongly recommend Singapore to anybody who is planning to do a semester abroad.

Andreas Lauritz
Technical University of Munich, Germany
School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering


High research standard under very helpful and knowledgeable supervision, a whole variety of great food, really friendly people and a lot of extra-curricular activities to choose from. Taking part in the vibrant campus life and living on-campus allow one to integrate with local students, become more open-minded and learn about the Asian culture, traditions and language. And if you have enough courage, join the Chingay Parade PAYM contingent and have one of the most unique experiences in your life! Nothing broadens your horizons more than living in such an exciting and fascinating country like Singapore!

Katarzyna Sokol
University of Edinburgh
School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences


NTU is the place to be when you want to learn from the best and broaden your horizon at the same time. NTU is highly ranked in the world and the experienced professors together with the variety of courses offered ensure you will never get bored.

Alan Yang
University of Waterloo, Canada
School of Civil and Environmental Engineering


My exchange at NTU was an eye- opening, character building and very worthwhile experience. The contrast in lifestyle, environment and culture between Sydney and Singapore made my exchange something to remember. Coming from the relaxed, beachside atmosphere of Sydney to the frantic, glitzy, business driven Singapore, I realised that this city is a symbol for the future of Asia, technology, design and contemporary societies. I was fascinated with the fast-paced lifestyle, architectural wonders and culinary dreams of Singapore – and the nightlife was fantastic. Needless to say the semester went by quickly.

Joshua Maker
University of Technology Sydney, Australia
School of Art, Design and Media

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