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Application procedure

The following application procedure applies to nominated students coming to NTU for Study or Research Experience:

  1. Partner universities shall inform NTU the names of nominated students and the intended period of exchange via a nomination portal. Instructions on how to do so shall be sent to partners separately, for more information please email
  2. Upon successful nomination students can submit an online application. The link will be sent to the nominated students upon successful nomination. Note that no mailing of original documents or hardcopy is required.


Study Exchange Application Deadlines

Semester 1 (Fall)Semester 2 (Spring)
  • Undergraduate: 30 March
  • Postgraduate: 30 March

Please only submit your application from 1 March onwards.

  • Undergraduate: 30 September
  • Postgraduate: 30 September

Please only submit your application from 1 September onwards.


Research Application Deadlines

Please submit your application at least 3 months prior to the intended start date of your research exchange programme.

Read more about the programme eligibility here.


Required Supporting Documents

To expedite the process, you should have on-hand the following documents ready for submission:​

  1. List of ten courses
  2. Latest official transcript in English (signed by the Registrar and stamped with the home university's seal), reflecting all courses taken. Students also need to include a list of current courses (if they are not shown in the transcript). The official transcript and list of current courses should be submitted in one file, in PDF format (<2MB). Postgraduate students would need to include their Bachelor's Degree certificate and Bachelor's transcripts, as well as most recent postgraduate transcripts.
  3. Coloured, passport-sized photo in JPG format (<100kb; 400(W) x 514(H) pixels)       
    Kindly adhere to the photo guidelines as incomplete applications may be delayed or rejected.
  4. Clear, coloured, scanned copy of the passport information page in JPG format (<200kb). The image provided must display all details on the bio-page of the passport. These information must be available so as to prepare your Student's Pass application. Please ensure the passport is valid for at least six months from the commencement of the exchange semester in NTU.
  5. Up-to-date Curriculum Vitae in Word format (<600kb; applicable for students on Research Exchange only)
  6. Bachelor's degree certificate in PDF format (for postgraduates(PG) only)


Undergraduate & Graduate(PG) Application Flow

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