GEM Trailblazer winter programme offers you the opportunity to study at NTU, a young and research intensive University in Singapore, and the fastest rising university in the world's top 50. Our winter programme shall open up fascinating Asian cultural experiences and opportunities to enhance your future business career in Asia. Singapore, one of the most dynamic hubs in Asia for international business, networking and thought leadership, is an ideal springboard to the booming Asia-Pacific region.

Besides a rigorous programme of academic study, our winter programme also offers students the opportunity to experience and immerse in the vibrancy, dynamism and diversity of Singapore culture.

We are pleased to announce the GEM Trailblazer Winter Programme, which will take place from 2 January to 25 January 2018. Students may apply via our application link below:


Application PortalApplication Deadline 10 November 2017


Students may apply for the winter programme on exchange or fee-paying basis.  GEM Trailblazer Winter Programme is opened to all students from NTU's Partner Institutions, and is taught entirely in English.


GEM Trailblazer Winter Programme:Description:

Chinese Language & Cultural Studies

Offered by NTU Confucius Institute
6 Academic Units (AUs)


This 3-week track aims to equip students with basic Chinese language skills of up to 260 characters and introduce you to China's 5,000-year-old history and culture through lectures, hands-on experience and cultural visits. For the Chinese Langauge and Cultural Studies syllabus, please click HERE.


Information Sheet
All students are advised to download our GEM Trailblazer Winter 2018 Programme Info Sheet HERE.

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