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​​​​​Events Description and Deadlines
Application for GEM Trailblazer Summer Programme

Applications Open: 15 February 2020

Applications Deadline: 20 April 2020

Programme dates for the Summer TracksWe will be updating the programme dates for the Summer Tracks nearer to Summer 2020.
Cultural Activities We will be updating the information on the dates and timing for the cultural activities nearer to Summer 2020.
NTU on-campus Accommodation Check-in


Only Monday to Friday between 9:00am and 4:00pm

Students are required to check-in to their Halls of Residence before the commencement of the Summer Programme. The date will be advised in the Letter of Enrolment.


Students are required to check-out one day after the programme has officially ended, by 12pm.

NOTE: Should a student's arrival or departure date fall on the weekend or outside of the Hall of Residence opening hours, students are required to source for their own accommodation. For example, if your summer program starts on Monday 6 July 2020, you can check in to from Wednesday 1 July 2020. The Friday before the commencement of the course will be reserved for orientation activites and a Singapore City Tour, which is compulsory for all incoming summer students.  If the offices of the Halls of Residences are closed, students can check in to the Nanyang Executive Centre (NEC),  which is located within NTU campus and is open 24 hours, 7 days a week. Any stay in NEC will incur a separate charge, payable to NEC directly.

The period of stay in the Halls of Residence will be determinded by the approved period of the study programme stipulated on the Letter of Enrolment issued by NTU.

Release of transcriptsTranscripts are released by October.  Arrangement would be made to mail out the transcripts to the home university within 2 months after the release of the results.


Other Useful Information

Credit Transfer - Academic Unit System

NTU's courses are assigned credits based on the Academic Unit (AU) System. For GEM Trailblazer Summer Programme, the number of academic units are as follows:

Track 1: Language & Cultural Studies (3 AUs per course)

Track 2: Entrepreneurship and Innovation (3 AUs per course)

Track 3: Creative Design and Media (3 AUs per course)

Track 4: Success in the Globalised Marketplace (3 or 4 AUs per course)

Track 5: New Technologies, New World (3 AUs per course)

For more information on the AU system, please click here.

All summer courses for all tracks bear 3 or 4 AUs each (equivalent to 39 contact hours). Students are to check with their home university on the possibility of credit transfer for the courses before applying.

 Grading System

NTU uses the Grade Point Average (GPA) system in awarding grades.

Letter Grade Grade Point



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