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Programme Fees

​​​​​​We are pleased to offer very attractive summer tuition rates to students from partner universities. Fee-paying students from partner universities will receive a 60% discount of NTU GEMTrailblazer Summer Tuition Fees. Below is a summary of related programme costs. Nominated exchange students are exempted from tuition fees but are still required to make payment for the administrative and material fees.

Programme fees must be received before the commencement of the programme to confirm enrolment in the programme.


Summer  FeesNon-Partner FeeDiscounted Fees for Partner's InstitutionFor Exchange Students
Tuition Fee (discount of 60%) per 3 AU courseSGD 2,850
(~ USD 3835) *
SGD 1,110
(~ USD 825) *
Registration Fee SGD 150
(~ USD 111)*
SGD 150
(~ USD 111)*
SGD 150
(~ USD 111)*
Administrative fee  
SGD 900
(~ USD 668)*
 SGD 900
(~ USD 668)*
SGD 900
(~ USD 668)*
Total Programme Fees PayableSGD 3900
(~ USD 2900)*
SGD 2,160
(~ USD 1,605)*
SGD 1,050
(~ USD 780)*


* subject to change based on prevailing exchange rate



1. Tuition Fees will be waived for exchange students from partner universities. However, all students (Exchange and Fee-paying) will still be required to pay for all other administrative,material and accommodation fees. 

2. NTU's regular special term fees (Summer) is priced at S$950 per academic unit. A 3AU course will be priced at S$2,850 for non-subsidized students. Please refer here for more information on NTU Special Term Fees.  

3. Programme fees quoted above does not include airfare and airport taxes, local transportation costs, travel insurance, visas, accommodation, meals, personal expenses, and on campus accommodation fees.

4. On-Campus housing is compulsory and guaranteed for all GEM Trailblazer Summer students. Please refer here for the pricing of on-campus accommodation. 

5. Administrative fees includes the use of non-academic or non-obligatory facilities, services and functions at NTU. It also covers campus oritentation, cultual & social activities, miscellaneous university fees, and mandatory Group Hospitalization and Surgical Insurance (GHSI) for international students.

6. To know more about the living cost in Singapore, Please click he​re.


All fees quoted is exclusive of the 7% Goods and Services Tax (GST) and subjected to changes without prior notice.


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