​​​​Please click on the below links to view the timetables for the different courses. Please note that there may be changes to the timetables. (Updated as at 19 June 2019)


Track 1

1. Chinese Language and Cultural Studies CF9001.pdf

2. Malay Language LM9001.pdf


Track 2

1. Entrepreneurship & Marketing for New Ventures ET9131.pdf

2. Entrepreneurship Accounting & Finance ET9132.pdf


Track 3

1. Foreign Policy Analysis HA2017.pdf

2. Drawing AAA18E.pdf

3. Painting with Watercolours AAA18J.pdf

4. Arts Across the Borders AAA28D.pdf

5. Film Studies AAR23C.pdf

6. Critical Perspectives on Education AED28B.pdf


Track 4

1. Marketing for the 21st Century BU8501.pdf

2. Accounting: A User's Perspective BU8101.pdf

3. Business Finance BU8201.pdf

4. Leadership in the 21st Century BU8642.pdf

5. Digital Marketing - Connecting With Customers in Today's World BM2506.pdf

6. Communication Management Strategies AB0602.pdf

7. Cultural Intelligence: How to be an Explorer of the World BU8641.pdf

8. Social Marketing: Making This World a Better Place BU8542.pdf

9. Marketing Health: Consumers' Pursuit of Wellness BU8544.pdf

10. Analytics I: Visual & Predictive Techniques BC2406.pdf

11. Organisational Behaviour and Design AB1601.pdf

12. Strategic Management AB3601.pdf

13. Foundation of Information Analytics CS2400.pdf

14. Marketing Communications: An Integrated Approach BU8502.pdf


Track 5

1. 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing MA9031.pdf

2. Bioprinting: Principles and Applications MA9030.pdf

3. Cyber Security EE8084.pdf

4. Introduction to Data Science CZ1016.pdf

5. Introduction to Computational Thinking CZ1003.pdf

6. Managing Complex Systems Projects MA9034.pdf

7. Artificial Intelligence and Data Mining EE4483.pdf

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