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Overseas internship offers the opportunity for students to widen their perspective of the working world. It enhances their employability and career mobility worldwide upon graduation and prepares them to compete locally and internationally.

NTU collaborates with industry and/or university partners in China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom, the USA, etc to offer the students the unique learning experience of gaining real life overseas working experience under professional guidance as part of their undergraduate programmes. Internship placement ranges from globally recognised MNCs, Singapore enterprises abroad, well established foreign corporations, to innovative start-ups and research labs all over the world.   

The Career and Attachment Office (CAO) works closely with programme offices and schools to bring these opportunities to our students.  

Who can apply?

Undergraduates who aspire to gain overseas exposure through internship and other work related activities.

What to apply?

CAO Overseas Internship

CAO actively source for suitable internship placement  with existing and new corporate partners globally. These overseas internship opportunities are publicised periodically to our student population via e-newsletters and emails. Info-session are held every semester to share with students who wants to find out more about overseas internship. Current NTU students can find out more and apply to these positions through our CareerAxis Portal. Application is usually open at the start of each study semester. Check out the dates below. 


CAO ASEAN-INDIA Summer Internship New

ASEAN and India have been identifed by business analysts as one of the world's fastest growing markets. Not only that we see potential of businesses but we also forsee viable career opportunities with companies established in these regions as well as companies expanding their businesses there. Hence, the ASEAN INDIA Summer internship initiative was launched in 2019 to offers opportunities for students to gain exposures to these markets through internship. Correspondingly, ACI financial support was setup specifically to help defray the expenses of the students going to these regions. To encourage more to benefit from this, internship can be credit or non credit bearing. 

CAO Work and Study China Programme

The CAO Work and Study China programme differentiates itself by offering a more holistic experience in China. It offers opportunities for a full semester credit bearing internship in major cities. Apart from internship, the programme also comprise of a study component that covers topics such as culture, economics, history, etc. The study component not only prepare students for their internship but also develop their cultural intelligence. 

CAO Research Internship

The CAO Research Internship offers opportunities for students to fulfil their credit bearing internship by working on research projects with our partnering universities abroad. Unlike corporate internship, students will be supervised by a faculty staff and likely to be housed in the campus. Duration of research internship is typically one semester long and most opportunities are suited for Engineering and Science undergraduates. To view latest opportunities, please access via our CareerAxis Portal.     


CAO Self-Source Overseas Internship 

These are opportunities that you may apply directly to the companies. We also included internship programmes offered by external agencies. Unlike most opportunities offered by CAO that emphasize on credit bearing internship, these are opportunities that you mayembark as non credit bearing internship. However the placement process of these opportunities are not directly coordinated and managed by us. Students are advised to evaluate the programmes, companies and positions carefully. You may also approach us for further guidance. 

Credit Bearing Internship:
Students are required to submit their self-sourcing application for our approval if they want to earn academic credits from these internships. Information about self-sourcing is found in your Studentlink portal.  

Non Credit Bearing Internship:
Students must register their internship through upon confirmation of their placement. Please find the registration link below.

Find out more about the available opportunities via our CareerAxis Portal

Overseas Entrepreneurship Programme by NTUitive

Overseas Entrepreneurship Programme (OEP) offers selected NTU undergraduates a rare opportunity to intern at vibrant start-up hotspots across the globe: New York and Silicon Valley in the United States, Beijing and Shanghai in China, London in United Kingdom, Haifa in Israel, Berlin in Germany and Toronto in Canada. OEP is designed to be a 6-month or 1-year internship programme and students may be allowed to clear their internship credits using OEP, however, subject to OEP's and the Faculty's approval.

Allowance, travel and living expenses

Students on overseas attachment are usually paid a monthly allowance/stipend by the company, which is guided by prevailing norms within the industry in the country of attachment,

Airfare, accommodation, insurance and other expenses (e.g. meals, transportation etc) are typical  borne by the students.


How to apply?

CAO Overseas Internship for period May - Aug 20 or Aug - Dec 20

Open 15 Jan 20 - Close 14 Feb 20. Click here to apply

CAO ASEAN-INDIA Summer Intermship for period May - Aug 20 

Open 1 Nov 19 - Close 7 Feb 20. Click here to apply

CAO Work and Study China for period Jul - Dec 20.

Open 6 Jan 20 - Close 7 Feb 20. Click here to apply

CAO Research Internship for period Aug - Dec 20.

Open 15 Jan 20 - Close 7 Feb 20. Click here to apply

Students are advise to attend our info sessions before applying.


Non Credit Bearing Overseas Internship

For student who self sourced and pursued a non credit bearing internship abroad, you are required to register your internship here. With your registration, we will be able to assist you in your visa application and preparation for your trip.

Further Enquiries

Please contact CAO Overseas Internship Team at


Events and Highlights

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For internship in France from July to December 2020

More application details can be found via

502857181.jpgProgramme commencement subjected to Travel Advisory by university and MFA  

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Tata Global Internships are open to 10 weeks internship duration, particularly for those who like to use it to fulfill their PA in summer 2020. SG, SPR undergraduates are eligible for financial support in additional to the flight, housing and stipend provided by this programme.  

New ASEAN-INDIA Summer Internship. This is easier to commit, more affordable and it is open for all undergraduates, for credit or non credit. Most importantly these are markets we should be focusing on. Find out more by clicking on the application link above



Students who successful secure their overseas placement through Global Ready Talent Programme can approach us to find out where they are eligible for additional financial support.  

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