Summer Studies Application Guide


A.      Eligibility to Participate in GEM Discoverer


Prospective applicants must first meet the eligibility criteria to apply for GEM Discoverer. They must

  1. be active full-time NTU undergraduates;
  2. not be in their final semester of study;
  3. have obtained a minimum CGPA of 2.0 at the point of application; NIE students must have CGPA of at least 3.6 to be considered;
  4. also satisfy partner university's entry requirements for the programme (where applicable). 

In addition to the above, scholarship holders should check with their sponsors on any restrictions related to overseas studies.
All applications will be forwarded to schools for review and support.

B.      Planning and Preparation

1.       Personal and Academic Goals

Students are advised to review their personal and academic goals to determine how Summer Studies fit into their study plans.

Please refer to the Summer Studies brochures for details.

2.       Calendar
Please ensure that the Summer Studies fit into your calendar. You should set aside the day before and after the programme for travelling.

Attendance is compulsory for all classes and activities. Credit transfer will not be processed for students who join the Summer Studies after it has commenced.

3.       Budget

Students should plan their own budget to ensure sufficient finances to cover the cost of participation, including but not limited to visas (if required), overseas travel insurance, return airfare, accommodation, study materials, and living expenses.

Please read up on scholarship and funding schemes available on individual Summer Studies brochures and on NSS Finance website.


C.      Credit Transfer Policy

All Summer Studies programmes are credit-bearing and count towards fulfilling for all course categories of the University's undergraduate degree programmes. Participants can earn up to 8 academic units depending on the number of matched courses approved by the School and the courses read in the host university.

Truncation of credits for a matched course is not allowed for credit transfer. For example, if you submit 3 courses of 3 AUs each for approval, it would have exceeded the maximum of 8 AUs and you can only transfer 2 courses or 6 AUs back to NTU. 


D.      Applying to GEM Discoverer Summer Studies

Please ensure that you are using Google Chrome when you access GEM Portal to submit your application.

Please refer to the Application Manuals for GEM Portal:

Applications must be submitted through GEM Portal by GEM Discoverer's stipulated deadline. Applications by email and late applications will be not accepted.

Important Notes:

  1. By participating in GEM Discoverer, it will not affect your priority when applying for GEM Explorer in future.
  2. International students are not allowed to apply to Summer Studies in their home country.

E.       Allocation and Acceptance

For Application to Ewha Womans University, Hanyang University, Korea University, Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology (KAIST) and Sungkyunkwan University:

Selection and Allocation

(a)Students will be notified of their application outcome via their NTU email account; please check your mailbox regularly and stay contactable.
(b)In the event of oversubscription, eligible applicants will be random allocated a placement by ballot.



(c)Upon committing to the offer, students will be considered as GEM Discoverer students.
(d)Applicants who do not accept their allocation offer during the acceptance period will not be penalised for future applications to GEM Discoverer
(e)No swapping of spots between different GEM Discoverer programmes is allowed. If students wish to change to another GEM Discoverer programme, please approach the GEM Discoverer team for assistance. Please note that such requests must be supported with strong justifications and are subjected to availability of places.



(f)Notification of withdrawal from GEM Discoverer Summer Studies is required after students have accepted their offer.
(g)Declining the offer before the 'Commit' deadline is not considered as a withdrawal and will not incur any penalty fee.
(h)Discoverer students who withdraw from GEM Discoverer after committing to the offer without a valid reason shall be subjected to a $200.00 penalty fee



For Application to Other Universities:


Allocation and Acceptance

(a)Applicants are allocated a placement in the Summer Studies after successfully submitting an application. If you are keen to proceed with the Summer Studies, please perform a commit. Please note that this offer is conditional upon your meeting the eligibility criteria for admission to GEM Discoverer and availability of spots in the said Summer Studies programme.
(b)Upon committing to the offer, you will be considered as a GEM Discoverer student.
(c)Applicants who decline their allocation offer will not be penalised for future applications to GEM Discoverer.
(d)No swapping of spots between different Summer Studies is allowed. If you wish to change to another Summer Studies or GEM Discoverer programme, you will have to withdraw from the Summer Studies before applying to another one. 
(e)Students will be notified of their application status via their NTU email account; please check your mailbox regularly and stay contactable.



(f)Notification of withdrawal from GEM Discoverer Summer Studies is required after students have committed to their offer.
(g)Discoverer students who withdraw from GEM Discoverer after committing to the offer without a valid reason shall be subjected to a $200.00 penalty fee.



F.       After Acceptance


1.       Passport Renewal

Please ensure that your passport has a validity of at least six months from the commencement of the programme, otherwise please renew your passport early. For some countries, such as Russia, a validity of 18 months is required.


2.       Attend Pre-departure Briefing

It is compulsory for participants to attend the pre-departure briefings. It is also a good opportunity to get to know friends who are also attending the similar Summer Studies programme. 


3.       Request for Letter of Participation

After the acceptance of offer, you can request OGEM to issue a supporting letter for any of the following purposes:

  • Application for NS Deferment
  • Application for visa to visit the country of your Summer Studies programme

To request for the letter, fill up the form and follow the instructions listed within.

4.       Apply for Visa

Some countries require you to apply for visa to enter the country of your Summer Studies programme. As visa regulations may change at short notice, please ensure that you check for the latest updates and important information with the relevant embassy. 

Please ensure that you have all the documents required, including supporting documents from the host university, a valid passport, etc. prior to applying for visa. 

5.       Purchase of Air Tickets

Students are responsible for getting your own air tickets. Air tickets should only be purchased after you have received the required visa (if applicable) for your Summer Studies. If a visa is not required, you may proceed to purchase the air tickets after attending the pre-departure briefing.

Please update your flight itinerary on GEM Portal after you have confirmed your flight bookings.

6.       Travel Insurance

Students travelling on official NTU study trips are covered by the NTU Group Travel Scheme. The insurance premium will be recovered from students or built into the programme fee.

7.       Apply for Financial Assistance


Ng Bok Eng Scholarship

It is open only to Singaporean undergraduates. Please click here for more information.


​MENDAKI-NTU Overseas Funds

It is open to full-time Malay/Muslim Singaporean and SPR undergraduates. Please click here for more information.


OSP Loan
Please click here for more information.


Please click here for more information.


US-Singapore Summer Exchange Scholarship
For more information, please visit MFA US-Singapore Summer Exchange Scholarship webpage.


8.       Submission of Indemnity Form

It is an NTU requirement for students embarking on overseas programmes to submit the indemnity form one month before departure from Singapore. Failure to complete the indemnity form will result in students being barred from going on the Summer Studies.

G.      Whilst on Summer Studies

Students are required to act as NTU Ambassadors for the duration of their programme at the host university. Ambassador duties include complying with the rules and regulations of the host university, community and country.

It is compulsory for students to attend all classes and activities. Attendance will be taken regularly by the host university. Absence from class without a valid reason will result in a fail grade for Summer Studies.

Students MUST complete the Summer Studies assessment at the host university.


H.      Return from Abroad

GEM Discoverer Summer Studies students must complete a programme evaluation when they return to NTU. The feedback received will be useful in the evaluation of the programmes supported by us.

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