About the Programme

Designed in collaboration with the Career Attachment Office, this semester-long programme offers you an overseas internship in China with studies at a leading partner university.

Country City Partner University

Programme Dates

(Semester 1, AY2018/19)

China ​ ​BeijingPeking University16 July - 29 December 2018
ShanghaiShanghai Jiao Tong University16 July - 22 December 2018
SuzhouSoochow University16 July - 29 December 2018


Application for AY2018/19 Semester 1 is open till 16 April 2018!

Work Component 

Upon the successful completion of overseas internship, students will earn academic units that count towards the Industrial Attachment /Professional Attachment /Professional Internship. The internship is subject to prevailing rules and regulations, and the university's system of assessment for internships and attachments.


Study Component 

The study component comprises a specially tailored course at a partner university covering topics on the culture, economics, contemporary history, politics, and linguistics and language of the host country.

6 AUs will be awarded upon the successful completion.

Students may use these AUs to fulfil GER-PE (AHSS) or GER-UE. Students admitted in and after AY2014-15 (or direct-entry students from AY2015-16) will fulfil GER-PE (LA) or GER-UE.


Entry Requirements and Eligibility 

  • Applicants should have a cGPA of at least 3.0 at the point of application to be considered for the programme.
  • Priority will be given to Singaporeans and Singapore Permanent Residents.
  • Students should have fulfilled the pre-requisites for internship / attachment.
  • Basic level of proficiency in Chinese is required to pursue the Work and Study programme in China as the medium of instruction for the study component is in Chinese. Students should have attended at least 10 to 12 years of classes in Chinese as a second language.
  • Students who have NEVER participated in any overseas exchange programme will be placed on a higher priority during the selection. All fee-paying Summer Studies/ Prelude/ Language Immersion Programmes are not considered as overseas exchange programmes.
  • Evaluation by the school (if necessary).


Financial Assistance 

  • Ng Bok Eng Scholarship
  • Ng Bok Eng Scholarship
  • Young Talent Programme (YTP) - Market Immersion Funds
  • Temasek Foundation International LEaRN Outbound Scholarship
  • GEM Discoverer (GEM D) Grant
  • NTU-PKU JRI Scholarship
  • Overseas Student Programme (OSP) Loans
  • Post-Secondary Education Account (PSEA)


Application for Ng Bok Eng Scholarship and OSP Loans will open from 17 to 31 January 2018. 

GEM Discoverer reserves the right to withdraw the GEM D Grant in the event the participant fails to complete the programme. 

For more information on each type of financial aid, please click here.


Overseas Insurance 

All NTU students must ensure that they are adequately covered by overseas travel insurance as stipulated by NTU's "Policy on Travel Insurance for Students".

You can choose any suitable travel insurance policy underwritten by an insurance corporation, as long as it is managed by a reputable agency and fulfills the requirements.

Please ensure that you are covered from the day of departure from Singapore till the day of your return (includes travelling time). 


Indemnity Form 

It is an NTU legal requirement that each participant submit an indemnity form at least two weeks prior to your embarkation on a GEM Discoverer programme.

You will need the following information and scanned copies of the documents (where applicable) to help you in completing the indemnity form: 

  • Bio-data page of your passport
  • Insurance policy
  • Flight itinerary or e-ticket
  • Next-of-Kin contact information
  • Key information on the programme you are participating in


Please click here for the step-by-step guide.

We reserve the right not to process your credit transfer upon completion of the programme or to revoke your placement if you do not submit the indemnity form.


Withdrawal from the Programme 

GEM Discoverer reserves the right to impose a penalty of S$500 should you withdraw after your formal acceptance without a valid reason. You may also be placed on a lower priority for other GEM Discoverer programmes in future.


How do I apply? 

Please apply via Studentlink > Student Exchange  or click here.

Email applications will not be accepted.


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