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AY1819 SEMESTER 2.pngCall for Applications to GEM Explorer AY1819 Semester 2!


​​​GEM Explorer Application

GEM Explorer Application 18-Jul-18, Wednesday (Noon)15-Aug-18, Wednesday (Noon)

GEM Explorer Results


Release of GEM Explorer Succesful Placements21-Aug-18, Tuesday (5PM)

GEM Explorer Acceptance/ Rejection

Successfully allocated students' Accept/Reject Period21-Aug-18, Tuesday (5PM)23-Aug-18, Thursday (Noon)

Financial Aid Available for AY1819 Semester 2 Exchange:

*Only applicable to students that are going on exchange in AY1819 Semester 2


Financial Aid Application PeriodFinancial Aid Schemes AvailableRelease of Outcome
20-Aug-18 to 7-Sep-18

(There is only 1 Round of financial aid application period)
1. Ng Bok Eng Scholarship

2. OSP Loan
22-Oct-18 to 26-Oct-18

D O N E.png

To prepare for the upcoming GEM Explorer Applications, keep a lookout for this space!

In The Spotlight


In The Spotlight

pre-departure checklist_2.png 


There are several destination-

specific funding options available to GEM Explorer students to help defray exchange costs.

Find out when and how to apply here.

The list of vacancies for exchange in AY1819 is available here. The updated vacancy list for AY1819 S2 will be updated on 18 July.

Thinking of spending AY1819 in the Americas, Europe, Oceania or Asia?      

GEM Explorer Application for AY1819 S2 will be open from 18 July to 15 August 2018.

Getting started…

While GEM Explorer guides you through every phase, you are responsible for preparing all necessary arrangements for your applications, seeking an approved course plan, and arranging for travel and accommodation.

Before Applying Before Departing/While Abroad
Find out if you are suitable for exchange.Keep track of everything you need before
your exchange semester begins!

Ask Anything!

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Type your questions into our ASKsearch engineor browse our categories for quick answers.

Still have questions? < Send us a direct email here.

**Do not contact exchange partners directly until you have been successfully allocated an exchange spot to a host university.**

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