School of Humanities & Social Science (HSS)

name of supervisors Project Titles
​Dr. Huang Weihong

​1. Ancient Chinese Calendar and Historical Events
2. Taiji and Economic Behaviours
3. Scientific Foundation of Taiji

​Assistant Prof Luca Onnis

​1. Language learning and plasticity in the adult brain
2. Language learning and plasticity in the infant brain
3. Embodiment and bilingual sentence processing
4. Creating an interactive online game for evolutionary simulations of language
5. Brain correlates of bilingual learning

Assoc Prof Lim Khek Gee, Francis

Social Media, Religion and Shifting Boundaries in Globalizing China

​Assistant Prof Sulfikar Amir

​Understanding City Resilience in Asia

​Assistant Prof Yu Wenxuan

​Government performance evaluation and information use

​Assistant Prof Gianluca Esposito

1. Neuroscience of Social and Affiliative Behaviour
2. The Neuroscience of Love

Assistant Prof Setoh Peipei

Moral Reasoning in Children

​Assoc Prof Joyce Pang Shu Min

Emotions and the pursuit of excellence: the link between implicit motives and implicit emotions

Assoc Prof Shen, Biing-Jiun

​1. Clinical health psychology in medical settings; Psychological influence on individuals with chronic illness
2. Stress and health

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