Course Selection


Both undergraduate and graduate students must select ten courses (in order of preference) at the application stage. This is to ensure that you have adequate number of approved courses prior your arrival at NTU.

Course requests will be considered based on prerequisites, availability, vacancies and clashes in timetable. Please note that some NTU courses (eg. Business, Accountancy, Economics, Sociology etc.) are extremely popular and therefore, you must be prepared that you will not be able to read those highly popular course(s) and be flexible in your study plan.    

Students are strongly encouraged not to deviate from the list of approved courses. Please select courses which are deemed necessary by your home university for your academic progression and that you will be able to credit transfer back to your home university.

Note: All incoming exchange students should take at least 50% of courses from the NTU School that they had selected at the point of application. 


Undergraduates (UG)

  • Find the list of Undergraduate Courses here
    You may choose your courses from this list of UG courses available by schools and year of study. Please note the list of restricted programmes and courses not open to exchange students including core Economics modules.
  • Note: Updated course information for Semester 1 and 2 will only be available towards May and November respectively. Please refer to the previous Academic Year as reference to the courses to be offered in the same semester. (Eg. For AY2020-2021 Semester 1 courses please refer to AY2019-2020 Semester 1 (“Acad Yr 2019 1​”) as reference.


Other useful links:


For more information on UG courses, please refer to the course outlines listed in the respective colleges and schools website.

Graduates (PG)

    • Students applying as a “Graduate (PG)” must submit their official Bachelor’s degree certificate (in English) via the online application.
    • Courses are subjected to approval from the school(s) and do not automatically imply that all courses are available for exchange students.


For more information on the Graduate Programmes, please click here.​

For more information on the NTU-NUS PhD Student Exchange Programme, please click here.

Direct Masters

Students pursuing a Direct Master degree at their home university are advised to apply as Undergraduate, so that you can have access to both UG and PG courses. To read PG courses, you must have completed at least seven (7) semesters at your home university and have met the necessary course pre-requisites. Submission of bachelor degree certificate is not required. Direct Masters students may select UG and PG courses from the lists above. 


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