Testimonials from past Summer Students


"The programme is very interesting and useful for our careers."

~Sanchez Gonzalez Javier, Catholic University San Antonio Murcia


"I would recommend this programme because it covers all the basic knowledge for level 1 Chinese."

~Gusat Bianca, City University London


"Zhao Hua did an absolutely fantastic job on a tight time scale and most of the culture classes were very interesting."

~Barnard Dale, University of Strathclyde


"The structure of the course was great! I am surprised how much I have learnt."

~Soltowski Bartosz, University of Strathclyde


"International Student Centre staffs are really good. It makes feel like I am back home. I am really thankful for the help from them."

~Xu Bin, Auckland University of Technology


"The programme is way better than my expectations. This was the best 5 weeks academically in my entire education."

~Patil Priyadarshan, Indian Institute of Technology Madras


"Very beautiful country. The transportation is good and convenient."

~Nguyen Hai Dang, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology


"The programme was well structured to provide participants with the best exposure to entrepreneurship. I liked that there were out of class events that complemented the class room learning experience. I.e.: Junior World Entrepreneurship Forum, corporate visits, etc."

~Suntharalingam Ayzvara, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


"The short experience is worth all the effort! Although the schedule and workload is packed, it is a good programme to enhance your presentation and writing skills and gain business knowledge on not just through books but peoples' experiences."

~Thai Tina, University of Calgary



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