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The Leadership Forum offers all of us an opportunity to formally present our different views on certain subjects. We all come from different countries and therefore, are exposed to different environments, different people, and different set of norms. An event like this helps to broaden our perspectives on how we can be of help to the development of our respective nations. Listening to amazing speakers share their real life experiences of successful social programmes has encouraged me to start my own social programme in the future to help alleviate the social problems faced by my country, the Philippines.

Wu Zheng Rong Sojor
Ateneo De Manila University


I was paired with an awesome buddy, Bala during my TF LEaRN programme at NTU. He is an energetic, exciting, interesting, awesome guy. We talked about everything from personal experiences to the Singapore army. Bala is just that kind of guy who knows everything and does not mind talking forever about it. He took me to Chinatown and the Changi museum, and also to Pasir Ris which is at the eastern end of Singapore. He told me about the history of Singapore and I really learnt a lot from him. I think everytime I visit a certain country, it is a must that I learn about the history and culture, try out its food, and interact with the locals. With Bala, I got them all ticked off from my list.  This is what makes my stay in Singapore more meaningful.

Nadhila Adani
Gadjah Mada University


One of the highlights of the programme was the Temasek learn journey where we went to Temasek foundation, listened to some really good motivational speeches and met with other scholars from NUS and SMU. During that journey we also had the chance to visit NOL and learnt about the working of the company, which in itself was a very good learning experience. Another memorable event was the Leadership Forum. Here all the scholars had to do presentations in groups. I had fun discussing my topic on Social Capital and Microcredit. Being from an engineering background, the leadership forum was a great event for me to learn about social issues. There were also presentations from guest speakers about their leadership and social experiences, which were very enlightening. All in all I would say it was time well spent during these events.

Vikram Pande
IIT Bombay


I was very fortunate to have Prof. Kwoh Chee Keong as my mentor. He received the best mentor award. He has been very helpful since the beginning of the programme. He provided valuable advice about the courses and drove us around to show us the various beautiful places in NTU.  Prof. Kwoh also took us out for meals and introduced new full time students to network with us. His concern for us is endearing and thus, he deserves the best mentor award.  It was a great idea to have the mentor from the same stream. I wish to take further advice from him in the future whenever needed.    

Yamparala Devesh
IIT Madras


If someone asks me whether you will share your experience here with your home university, I will answer "of course, yes!" I would like to share the efficiency of educational system in NTU not only to my home university but also to students from other Thai universities. I would like to point out the good practice here that my home university should follow. After this programme, I am encouraged to choose to study international programme or work for international company by applying all the experiences I have gained from here. And I will use what NTU TF LEaRN scholarship gave to me worthily. All the best!

Suchaya Intanaphasart
Mahidol University


The International Forum was the most challenging one among all the TF LEaRN activities. That was the first time I heard the word "social enterprise", and I had to present about "social enterprises in Taiwan" in English! I believe that based on this experience I will definitely make better English presentations in the future.  The forum has taught me a lot about social welfare in other countries, and I also heard many meaningful stories from public interest organizations. This triggered me to explore more about social issues not only related to my own country but the whole world.

Jiang Ai ling,
National Taiwan University


As a LEaRN Scholar I have learnt many valuable things. First of all, I learnt how to adapt, to be familiar with the new environment, to interact harmoniously in the multicultural society Singapore. I also take time to LEaRN new things with other scholars who came from different countries such as respecting different cultures, languages and religions of the peoples while emphasizing their common values in the spirit of unity in diversity. Secondly, I learnt to thrive in school after I have more information about the education system here. Thirdly, LEaRN programme experience expanded my perspective, knowledge, ability and view of the world, as well as improved my personality and character which will be beneficial for my life and future career.

Chansamai Souksanh
National University of Laos


I was really pleased to be able to join the leadership forum. From the leadership forum, I have learned how important leadership skills would be in one community and place. I realized that we need to be the leader in ourselves and start to initiate things. I have set my goal when I am back to my home country - I will make use of every single minute I have to make my life more fruitful and meaningful, so that I can help develop myself, people around me and also the whole community I have been working with.

Lon Malinna
Royal University of Phnom Penh


Through the learning journey and the international forum, I learnt the value of collaboration among international students and ways to improve on my leadership ability. My forum team consisted of scholars from at least 4 countries. We faced many challenges as being from different cultures, we had separate concepts of how the work should be done. In spite of these challenges, when my team successfully delivered the presentation at the forum, successfully, it was really gratifying for me.

Chang Jungwoo
Seoul National University


For me, TF LEaRN programme is a special and exciting graduation journey. The activities for leadership development, cultural exchange, community engagement and building networks have broaden my international perspective, cultivated my leadership ability as well as civic awareness. The programme gave me the opportunity to gain regional exposure academically, culturally and socially, I have been more open minded and confident to experience different things, and know more on what I want to pursue in life. This experience will always encourage me to fulfill my dream of being one of the top journalists in China.

Wu Xinyi
Soochow University


A very important aspect of my enriching experience was my community service, where the scholars volunteered to help facilitate the lifestyles of the intellectually disabled. It was the first time that I was actually interacting with the beneficiaries, and it gave me immense pleasure to guide them in their mastering of daily activities. It gave me great confidence and satisfaction in organizing events for them, as for the first time I saw how doing something so small can affect the lives of so many for the better. Taking back all the knowledge and skills I have developed from this voluntary service, I would be more efficient in managing the ongoing social activities, which I will be joining after returning back home. My management skills and patience have increased and I have realised my own potential to influence others.

Neerav Verma
Symbiosis International University


One of the experiences that impress me most during my exchange is the diverse learning experience here. Although I am a student from School of Engineering, I can still have a chance to take courses from School of Business. This just makes my learning experience here fruitful and interesting. I can attend both lectures and seminars. I have done different kinds of projects and assignments, for examples, filming, case study, news critique and design. The wide range of course content and assignments offered allows me to develop all-rounded skills which will be very helpful for my future development.

Chan Tsz Kit
The Chinese University of Hong Kong


I enjoyed working with my teammates on the memoir. Through this group work I gained a lot not only about cooperation amongst team members, but also about friendship and managing the different work capabilities of the team. I learnt how to listen to others instead of just expressing my own opinions. I learnt how to respect others when we have disagreements. I learnt how to distribute work to make sure everyone gets involved. I learnt how to balance my own study and project work. The knowledge and skills I gained from this programme had broadened my horizons and enable me to think globally.

Hao Yiting
Tsinghua University


I think the best part of this programme is for me to step out of my comfort zone and travel to a totally new and unfamiliar place to live independently. I am able to make friends from different backgrounds and cultures which include TF scholars, other exchange students and Singaporeans. The laughter and every moment I share with them are priceless. The TF LEaRN programme gave me the opportunity to meet people not just from Asia but all over the world in NTU which made me a step closer to becoming a global citizen. I would like to thank Temasek Foundation and NTU for bringing me to Singapore for these experiences.

Then Cheow Wei
University of Brunei Darussalam


Joining the cultural intelligence class allowed me to experience working in multicultural teams.  In this class, I was the only Indonesian in my group and other students  came from Canada, United Kingdom, Singapore, Philippine, and India. Sometimes communication becomes a barrier. Hence, we need to be more patient and tolerant. Through the class, I learnt how to adjust myself while working in cross-cultural environment.  As I better understand the local students in class, I realise that they were not as serious as I thought and they deliver great projects.

Shieron Antolis
University of Indonesia


TF LEaRN @ NTU Programme has offered me more than I expected at the beginning of the immersion in NTU.  As a person who loves teamwork, I truly enjoy every single moment working with other scholars in the LEaRN projects.  Being the editor in the Memoir team was a very challenging task for me as that was my first time being involved in the making of a memoir. Working overnights to meet deadlines was really stressful but the outcome was very rewarding. Looking at the memoir that is produced by our team is something that I am proud of. I believe all of us who have gone through this journey together have learnt and shared the qualities of a leader and partner. Teamwork is what I learnt most and this will definitely contribute to my future leadership roles in my home university.

Gavin Fong
University of Malaya


The TF LEaRN programme assigned a mentor to the scholars to help them ease into life in Singapore and NTU. I can say that I am lucky to be assigned my mentor – Prof Cheryl, a kind-hearted woman who is not only good at her job but also spend time with her family and community. From the first time we met, we felt comfortable to share with each other. She asked after my well-being and told me to call her whenever I was in trouble. During Chinese New Year, she invited me and some of our friends to her church's Chinese New Year Luncheon. It was my first time to see how Singaporeans celebrate one of the biggest festivals of the year. Prof Cheryl introduced us to many of her friends where we shared experiences about our country and listened to their real life experiences. I am glad to have an older friend whom you can learn so much from her advice and experience during her lifetime. I will always remember and appreciate her guidance.

Ho Tran Thao Nguyen
Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City

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