Course Selection


Course Selection Guidelines


  1. Students should select at least 10 undergraduate courses during application stage for NTU school's review and approval. This is to ensure adequate number of approved courses prior to arrival at NTU.
  2. If students do not have enough approved courses, or choose to apply for new course(s) to read after their arrival at NTU, course approval shall be subject to vacancies available and pre-requisites. It shall not be guaranteed that students will be offered the course(s) and course registration will be delayed.
  3. Students are strongly encouraged not to deviate from the list of approved courses. It is imperative that students select courses, which are approved by the home university and deemed necessary for academic progression.
  4. Undergraduate students can only choose undergraduate courses. TFI LEaRN @ NTU scholars are strictly prohibited from applying for postgraduate courses.
  5. TFI LEaRN @ NTU scholars must register and complete a minimum of 12 AUs (3 to 4 approved courses) at NTU with proven results during the LEaRN programme.
  6. Students are not allowed to audit any subjects when here on the programme.
  7. For selection of courses, students may refer to the below information:



Course Information


  1. Content of Courses
    Please refer to the Content of Courses which lists all courses available by schools and year of study.

    Note: As updated course information for AY2017-18, Sem 1 shall only be available towards June 2017, kindly use Academic Year 2016, Sem 1 as a reference for the courses to be offered.

  2. Curriculum Structure for all programme

  3. Some other useful course information:

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