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​​​ ​Australia is a leading global education powerhouse with some of the world's best facilities and educators. Students cite the country's cultural diversity, friendly natives, and high quality of education as reasons they choose to study there.

​​​​​About ​The University of Sydney & The Programme

Founded in 1850, it is Australia's first university and is regarded as one of its most prestigious universities. You can experience studying at one of Australia's most dynamic and progressive universities. Class sizes in the Winter School are generally much smaller than during the semester because of the intensive nature of the program. You can only take one course during their Winter School and the course can be outside of your current degree. Courses offered include Introduction to Film Studies, African-American History and Culture, Social inequity in Australia and more

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​Sydney, Australia
​Winter ProgrammeTBA
​Short Term Study Abroad Session A​4 June to 17 July 2019
​Short Term Study Abroad Session B​25 June to 26 June 2019
Type of Programme
​Fee-paying only.
Programme Cost
All fees are listed in Australian Dollars and are indicative, to be used as a guide only. Students will be advised of their tuition fee at enrolment.

All undergraduate students, undertaking undergraduate subjects will be liable for the full up front fee. Commonwealth Support places (HECS-HELP) are not available.

Students can only take one subject at the Winter School.

 ​​Winter Program (Based on 2017 records) International
Architecture, Design and PlanningAUD 4688
Arts and Social ​Sciences​AUD 4375
Buisness SchoolAUD 4750
Education and Social WorkAUD 5000
Engineering & Information TechnologyAUD 5250
Health ScienceAUD 5563
Law SchoolAUD 5000
​Medicine SchoolAUD 5563
ScienceAUD 5250
Short term Study AbroadAUD 3075/ unit of study
(max 2 units)

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Accommodation (per weeks)

​Winter Study​AUD 235 - AUD 700
Short Term Study AbroadAUD 360 AUD per week

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​Number of Placements


Entry Requirements and Eligibility

​Participants must meet the prerequisites for the unit of study for which you are enrolling. 

  • Applicants should meet the following cGPA at the point of application to be considered for the programme but this does not guarantee you a spot.
    • cGPA of 2.5 for NTU students
    • cGPA of 3.6 for NIE students
  • For ADM students, please note only Year 3 and 4 ADM students will be considered for the programme.
  • Priority will be given to Singaporeans and Singapore Permanent Residents.
  • Priority will be given to final year students.
  • Students who have NEVER participated in any overseas exchange programme will be placed on a higher priority during the selection. All fee-paying Summer Studies/ Winter Studies/ Prelude/ Language Immersion Programmes are not considered as overseas exchange programmes.
  • Evaluation by the school (if necessary).


Credit Transfer Policy
​Up to a maximum of 8 AUs for all course categories may be awarded, subject to school's approval.

Course matching is required even for fulfilling of UE course requirement.

The number of credits earned depends on the matched courses approved by the School and the courses you read in the host university. For eg. you will not earn the maximum 8 AUs if you only successfully complete 2 courses of 3 AUs each.

Matched courses which exceed the maximum number of 8 AUs will not be recognised for credit even if they have been approved. There is no partial credit transfer of courses. For eg. If you submit 3 courses of 3 AUs each for approval, you can only transfer 2 courses or 6 AUs back to NTU.

Important Notes on Credit Transfer:

Students who are transferring credits from another university must comply with the following requirements for graduation:

  •   Curricular requirements for his degree programme
  •   Minimum candidature period
  •   Minimum AU of graded courses
    •  Credits that are transferred to NTU are not graded courses and therefore not counted towards the minimum AU of graded courses.
    • The total AU from graded courses that a student has earned to-date is shown in his degree audit.
  •   Minimum years of study spent at NTU
  •   Minimum cGPA for graduation

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NTU Financial Assistance
  1. ​​​Ng Bok Eng Scholarship
  2. Overseas Student Programme OSP Loans
  3. Post-Secondary Education Account (PSEA)

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Visa Application​
​Students participating in the programme are required to apply for a visa. Student needs to travel on a visitor's visa (not a student visa).  It is your responsibility to make sure the conditions of your visa do not prohibit you from engaging in studies.  Please contact the Australian High Commission in Singapore for the application procedures.


Australian High Commission

25 Napier Road

Singapore 258507


Students are responsible for ensuring that they have the proper travel documents and must check with the respective embassy or consulate(s) to determine whether any visas or passports are required. Passports should be valid for at least 6 months from date of departure.

All NTU students must ensure that they have the adequate health and travel insurance coverage according to the NTU guidelines. The minimum level of coverage required for travel is: 
a) Medical expenses (including hospitalisation and surgical): S$250,000 (outside ASEAN) or S$150,000 (within ASEAN); 
b) Emergency medical evacuation and repatriation: Unlimited; 
c) Personal liability: $1,000,000 SGD. 

The period that you should be insured within is from the time you leave Singapore to the time you return to Singapore from your programme.

You can choose any suitable travel insurance policy underwritten by an insurance corporation, as long as it is managed by a reputable agency and fulfills the requirements.

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Indemnity Form
​​It is an NTU legal requirement that each participant submit an indemnity form at least two weeks ​prior to your embarkation on a GEM Discoverer programme. 

You will nee
d the following information and scanned copies of the documents (where applicable) to help you in completing the indemnity form:

  • Bio-data page of your passport
  • ​Insurance policy
  • ​​Flight itinerary or e-ticket
  • Next-of-Kin contact information
  • Key information on the programme you are participating in

​​For a step-by-step guide, click here​.

We reserve the right not to process your credit transfer upon completion of the programme or to revoke your placement if you did not submit the indemnity form. 


Withdrawal From Programme

GEM Discoverer reserves the right to impose a S$500 penalty should you withdraw after your formal acceptance without a valid reason. This also applies to fee-paying programmes especially when your school has reviewed your course matching requests. You may also be placed on a lower priority for other GEM Discoverer programmes in future if you withdraw without a valid reason. ​

In addition, please note that your host university may impose high cancellation fees, which GEM Discoverer has no control or influence over. Please check the host university website for details.​

How do I apply?
Please apply via StudentLink > Student Exchange > GEM Discoverer Online Application Module or click here
Email and late applications will not be entertained. 

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