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Exchange Report & Certificate of Participation 

All students who have participated in the GEM Explorer exchange programme are required to answer a questionnaire that summarises your exchange experience at the host country and university for future NTU students' reference.



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Host University Transcripts / Credit Transfer

All students are responsible for ordering their host university transcript from the host university. The transcripts should be sent to OGEM. Once OGEM receives your transcript, it will be delivered to One Stop where you will be notified via email to pick it up.

OGEM Address
Office of Global Education and Mobility
42 Nanyang Avenue, Student Services Centre, Level 1
Singapore 639815


In order to have your credits transferred to NTU please follow the steps below:

Log on to the online system to apply for transfer of credits.

1.      Select a sign-up profile to begin

2.      Click to finalize your list of approved course-matching records (the link is located at the bottom of the page)

3.      Select the courses that you have registered at the host university*

4.      Select purpose of finalizing: AU Projection*

5.      Check the list carefully and submit (You can only submit once)*

(*Note: You may skip step 3 to 5 if you have already completed the submission earlier)

6.      Select the courses based on your transcript

7.      Select purpose of finalizing: Credit Transfer

8.      Check the list carefully and submit (You can only submit once)

9.      Upload a scanned copy of your official transcript (photographed version will not be accepted):

                - complete, clear and legible

                - PDF format (*.pdf)

                - file size less than 600 kbytes (0.6 Mb) - opt for black & white scanning for smaller file size

                - you may wish to make use of the scanning facilities in the libraries:



Please note that the transferred credits will be updated in your Degree Audit within 6 weeks from the date of approval by your School.

If you encounter any problems in using the system, please email the Office of Academic Services: ug_outbound@ntu.edu.sg​. Please provide your name, matriculation number, programme and a screen capture of the error message.


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Credit Transfer

The Office of Academic Services (OAS) and your NTU School shall process all credit transfers. The processing time for credits could take 6 - 8 weeks from the time you submit an online application for credit transfer, so do allow a waiting period when you check your degree audit.

For enquiries regarding credit transfer, do contact OAS directly. ​

Final Year Students

Graduating students or students who go on exchange in their final year are in charge of obtaining their transcripts in time for convocation, allowing time for the Office of Academic Services and your NTU School to process credit transfer. 

Credits for Industrial Attachment (Research)
GEM Explorer Research students who have sought approval ​to use their research exchange to fulfil their IA requirement may contact CAO for questions regarding credits transfer toward their IA.


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Re-enrol in NTU courses

When you return, do take note of your course enrolment deadlines in NTU and all preparations for your upcoming semester.


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