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Phases 1 - 3: Before Applying, Applying to GEM Explorer, and Applying to Host University

Make use of the following resources as you go through each phase.

Resources Description
Quick Guide to GEM Explorer

To be advised with new Quick Guides.

Info Session

All students are invited to our Info Sessions to learn more about the GEM Explorer Programme. Please keep a lookout for the upcoming Info Sessions for GEM Explorer AY20/21.

Vacancy List for

Sem 1 & Sem 2


Vacancy List for GEM Explorer AY 2021/22 Sem 1 & Sem 2 Recruitment (Round 2)

Updated as of 21 Jan 2021, 4.50pm.

Please note that the number of spots may be subjected to changes due to pandemic uncertainty.

Summary - Partner Universities (At a glance)

Click here for a list of all partner universities and basic information at a glance.

Please zoom in / increase text size on the PDF to view all the data.

(You should always check the partner universities' website for the latest information)

IIE (GE3) Institutions 
(updated 22 November 2019)

Click here for GE3 Partners Info in AY20/21 Semester 1 and 2

GEM Mobility Portal

Most partner universities provide fact/info sheets that contain important & detailed information on academic calendars, contact details, application guidelines, and arrival/orientation at a glance. The factsheets can be found via the partner universities brochures.

Click here  to view the partner universities brochures.


Click here to view courses that were approved in the past. Find out what courses students from your NTU School took at the partner university. 

Note: courses shown are subject to changes in syllabus and availability.

NBS Approved courses

(For ACC & ACBS and BUS & ACBS students)

​Click here to view pre-approved courses

Find out what courses NBS students took at the partner university. 

Click here to visit NBS Exchange website. 

Note: courses shown are subject to changes in syllabus and availability.

Past GEM Explorer
Student Journals

Click here to read past GEM Explorer students' feedback on living and studying in the host destination and university, which covers insights on public transport, accommodation, teaching style, and community environment.

Scholarships & Funding

There are several financial assistance schemes available to GEM Explorer students on the Scholarships & Funding page. Note that some financial schemes are country or university-specific.


​ ​​

Phase 4: After Applying

​​​Resources Description
Letter of Participation

Once you have confirmation that you have been accepted into your host university, download a template, fill in the fields, and bring this to the OGEM office to authorise your Letter of Participation. 

NOTE: FIND YOUR COUNTRY AND PRINT THE APPROPRIATE FORM FOR THE COUNTRY. If you submit the wrong form it will not be authorized.

For Asia Pacific (includes Turkey), Oceania

For Europe
For the Americas


Phase 5: Before You Depart

Please make sure you have attended to the following items before departing for exchange.

Resources Description
GEM Explorer Overseas Travel - Guide and Checklist
Download the GEM Explorer Overseas Travel - Guide and Checklist
Pre-departure Briefing Slides

Download the GEM Explorer Pre-departure Briefing Slides for AY 2019/20 Semester 2:

1. Wednesday, 30 Oct 2019 - Europe 1 (Finland, Sweden, Ireland, Denmark, Netherland, Norway)

2. Thursday, 31 Oct 2019 - Asia n Oceania

3. Tuesday, 5 Nov 2019 - Americas

4. Tuesday, 5 Nov 2019 - Europe 2 (Austria, Czech, Poland, Italy, Germany, Luxembourg, France, Spain, Switzerland, UK)

Mandatory Overseas
Travel Insurance
NTU Group Travel Insurance is mandatory for all outgoing NTU students.


Mandatory Indemnity FormAfter finalising your overseas insurance plan, all students are required to complete the Online Indemnity Form no less than 1 month before the beginning of your exchange semester.

See: Mandatory Indemnity Form 
​​Ambassadors' Pack and FormAll Explorer students are REQUIRED  to act as NTU Ambassadors while on exchange, promoting NTU as a destination for foreign students at your host university.
Misuse of Drugs ActAll outbound students must be aware that the possession and consumption of illegal drugs overseas are still considered offences punishable by Singaporean law.

Penalties are severe, including imprisonment of up to ten (10) years and/or a fine of up to S$20,000. 

See:  Misuse of Drugs Act


Withdrawal & Authorisation Forms

Resources Description
Withdrawal FormPlease read GEM Explorer's Withdrawal Policy for information on withdrawal procedure and penalties.

To withdraw from the exchange programme, please complete the withdrawal form via GEM Mobility Portal

Authorisation Form 
for collection / submission
If you are unable to personally come down to collect and/or submit a
document, please download and fill up the following authorisation forms. The forms are to be presented by your proxy upon collection and/or submission.

Download form for: Collection

Download form forSubmission  



Still have questions? Send us a direct email here.

**Do not contact exchange partners directly until you have been successfully allocated an exchange spot to a host university.**

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