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**Do not contact exchange partners directly unless you have been allocated to your host university.

For advice on all course-related enquiries, please contact the respective NTU School Exchange Coordinators.


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Course Planning (process)                 

Before you apply for the GEM Explorer, it is expected of you to research and choose host universities
offering up to 15 - 20 courses that:

  • are available to you for the exchange semester you intend
  • match those in your School at NTU for credit transfer*

(*Irreconcilable course-matching issues could prevent you from embarking on exchange or transferring credits.Please note that it is your responsibility to find out whether or not the course is available to exchange students, not your exchange coordinator's.)

Be prepared for course (subject) planning to be an ongoing process up until the point you enrol at your host university. Allow yourself some flexibility in the courses you want to take as that depends on what the partner university offers every semester – courses are subject to the  partner university's availability and pre-requisites.


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Before you apply to GEM Explorer in Phase 2:

• Select three partner universities with up to 15 - 20 courses (subjects) you can take.

  Use our Resources for course selection (below) as well as the website and resources of the host university you plan on applying to to help get you started.

• Consult your NTU School Exchange Coordinator for advice 

Before applying to your host university in Phase 3:

After you have been allocated, submit your courses for approval via:

StudentLink > Academic Matters > Student Exchange > GEM Explorer - Online Course Matching Updating module

When you apply directly to your host university in Phase 3:

Fill out your matched list of 10 preferred courses on this form, and submit it together with your application. Courses must have been approved by your NTU School Exchange Coordinator.

Once you have been officially accepted into your host university:

Look for your host university's instructions on how and when (deadline) to register for courses. If you need to match new or more courses, you can do so via the Course Matching Updating module on NTU's StudentLink.




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Selecting Universities and Courses

You are required to research if a partner university is suitable for you in terms of academic requirements and available courses. This is to prevent irreconcilable course-matching issues due to course changes at the partner university, which has forced many past Explorer students to withdraw from the GEM Explorer programme.

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Partner University.png

How to start selecting courses for exchange?

  • CourseFinder - List of past approved courses taken by past Explorer students.

  • Look for courses at the partner university which have equivalents, or "matches", in NTU. Only courses which are deemed as a "match" by an NTU School Exchange Coordinator can be considered for credit transfer.

  • Look at your current study plan in NTU. Determine if you have the flexibility to take a mix of core and elective courses for your exchange semester.If you can, it is good to take on electives for your exchange semester in case of course changes at the partner university.

Where can you go? How many spots does the university offer?

​Are there course restrictions from NTU?

  • Check your NTU School for any requirements or recommended course loads for outgoing exchange students.

  • If the partner's academic calendar clashes with NTU's, check with your NTU School Exchange Coordinator if you can still apply for the partner university.



Are there restrictions from the partner university?

  • Even if you are eligible for GEM Explorer, you still must check if you are eligible to enrol at the partner university. Check the partner university's website for min. requirements on CGPA or min. period of completed study, etc.

  • Partner University Info Sheet gives you partner information at a glance

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Need help getting started?





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Credit Transfer               

Credits earned from your exchange semester(s) can be counted toward the Academic Units (AUs) requirement for your NTU degree programme. It will also be reflected in your transcript as Pass/Fail.

Your exchange will NOT affect your CGPA or the classification of your NTU degree.  

All students who transfer credits from another university must comply with 3.(6) Graduation and Residential Requirements. These include:

  • Curricular requirements for your degree programme at NTU
  • The minimum candidature period required
  • The minimum AU of graded courses (credits that are transferred to NTU are not graded courses and therefore not counted)
  • The minimum years of study at NTU (to be spent physically in NTU)
  • The minimum CGPA you require for graduation


After completing your exchange, a transcript from your host university is needed for NTU to process your credit transfer. See: Host University Transcripts.




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​Still have questions? Send us a direct email here.​

**Do not contact exchange partners directly until you have been successfully allocated an exchange spot to a host university.**



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