Students going for exchange must ensure that they have the finances to cover the entire duration of their overseas exchange.

You should also explore financial assistance options like scholarships and bursaries, some of which are specific to the host country or the host university.




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Fees and Expenses                                                                                     

There are different types of costs incurred for an overseas exchange programme.

Tuition Fees
Students only need to pay tuition fees to NTU as normal.


Incidental Fees
Your host university may require you to pay additional fees before you enrol, such as

    1. Administration fee (for processing your application)
    2. Medical exam fee
    3. Health insurance (if compulsory)
    4. Miscellaneous fees that may be incurred at the host university


Information on these additional fees may be on the partner university's info sheet.


Beyond fees, you should also factor in the following costs. Please note that this is not an exhaustive list.

  1. Visa application fees (if required)
  2. Return airfare
  3. Oversea Travel Insurance (compulsory)
  4. Accommodation costs
  5. Food
  6. Books
  7. Transport
  8. Personal expenses (entertainment, shopping, travel, etc.)


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Total Estimated Cost (by region)                                                                              

Below is the total estimated cost of exchange based on past student expenses. These costs vary as they are based on the individual spending habits,

 Region Region
 Asia S$8,000 onwards
 Oceania S$12,000 onwards
 Americas & Europe S$15,000 onwards


There are several financial assistance schemes available to students who wish to seek financial support while on exchange. Please see Scholarships & Funding in the next section to find out more about awards, scholarships, loans, and grants available for NTU students.

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​Still have questions? Send us a direct email here.​

**Do not contact exchange partners directly until you have been successfully allocated an exchange spot to a host university.**

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