Attach yourself to renowned professors, scientists, and researchers and undertake challenging research frontiers in partner universities in the U.K., France, Japan, Germany. 


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Duration:  ​​One semester
Applicable for: Undergraduates from College of Engineering or College of Science only
FeesTuition fees to NTU as per normal 
(except host universities with special partial fee-paying arrangements with NTU^)
Credits:    Credits earned can be transferred to your NTU degree programme. 
Only for courses approved by NTU School coordinator.

Research students from the College of Engineering or the College of Science can look forward to a semester-long research stint at selected premier partner universities. Note that the research programme you choose is subject to your NTU School's approval.

Industrial Attachment Requirement

Your completed GEM Explorer Research programme shall credit you with academic units (AUs). This can be recognised and directed towar​ds the requirements for Industrial Attachment (IA) only if:

  • you are eligible for Industrial Attachment (IA) and 

  • the period of research exchange meets the 20-week IA requirement

Students who want to direct their exchange toward their IA requirement MUST:

  1. ​Once allocated to the host university, notify Careers Attachment Office (CAO)​ via email that you would like to direct your upcoming research exchange semester toward your IA requirement. 
  2. In the email, include the exact period of your research exchange (a minimum of 20 weeks is required for IA) and the research project that you are undertaking at the host university.
  3. If successful, CAO shall assign you with an NTU tutor to supervise your exchange. 


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As an exchange programme, tuition fees are paid to NTU as per normal.  

Other fees that the host university may require from you:

  • Administration fee
  • Medical examination
  • Health Insurance
  • On-campus housing
  • Misc. fees


Helpful links:

Cost – get an estimate of all costs of studying and living abroad.

Scholarships & Funding – look up scholarships and grants that can assist your exchange.


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Before applying to GEM Explorer, you will need to research your own suitability to take on the GEM Explorer Exchange programme. ​This will help to prevent the likelihood of having to withdraw from the programme should you realise you are not financially suitable or are not able to take on research at your host university.

Start with the following:

  • Eligibility
  • Cost
  • Selecitng a suitable partner university/research project (see below)


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Selecting Universities and Research Project

From our list of partner institutions, seek a research project or area of focus that you wish to pursue.
You must propose a research project to your NTU School Exchange Coordinator​ for approval before applying for exchange.​

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Partner University.png

Look at your current study plan in NTU. What modules do you still have to clear to complete your degree programme?

  • GEM Mobility Portal - All partner universities brochures which includes their exchange programme details, information sheet, link to partner universities website, eligibility requirement, courses offer for exchange students, academic calendar etc. Please also visit the partner university website for latest information on the courses available for exchange students.  This has been shared during our info talk session.

  • CourseFinder - List of past approved courses taken by past Explorer students. Please note that you can only use as a reference guide. Please note that the indicated AY and Sem is the period when students submitted for course matching, not the exchange semester.Look for courses at the partner university which have equivalents, or "matches", in NTU. Only courses which are deemed as a "match" by an NTU School Exchange Coordinator can be considered for credit transfer.

  • Contact your supervisor or your NTU School Exchange Coordinator for advice and approval on the research project or area.

  • Check NTU School's requirements for outgoing exchange students.


Where can you go?

  • Refer to the Vacancy List for available spots at each partner university when release nearer to recruitment exercise.

  • Check for financial assistance specific to the destination you want.
  • Refer to the Past Exchange Reports by students on living and studying at the partner country/university.


​Are there restrictions from NTU?

  • Going on exchange may prevent you from undertaking a local internship or industry attachment (for example: Final Year Project). Consult your NTU School Exchange Coordinator for advice.

  • If the partner's academic calendar clashes with NTU's, check with your NTU School Exchange Coordinator if you can still apply for the partner university.

​Are there restrictions from the partner university?

  • Even if you are eligible for GEM Explorer, you still must check if you are eligible to enrol at the partner university. Check the partner university's website for min. requirements on CGPA or min. period of completed study, etc.

  • Partner University Info Sheet gives you partner information at a glance.

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Need help getting started?




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​Still have questions? Send us a direct email here.​

**Do not contact exchange partners directly until you have been successfully allocated an exchange spot to a host university.**​

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