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Nanyang Technological University (NTU) views University activities, such as overseas exchange, as part of a holistic education curriculum that nurtures both students’ character and personality. As part of their exchange experience, the University recognises the importance in ensuring that there are appropriate and adequate measures to protect and support students during their period of travel.
With a rising number of overseas incidents, safety has been a top concern for NTU. As such, NTU has stipulated the requirements for students’ travel insurance policies, as well as managing partnerships with external agencies in ensuring the safety of our students during their period of travel. 

Travel Insurance
Travel insurance offers financial protection to travellers who are exposed to risks of large medical expenses overseas, personal accident, delay or cancellation of flight, loss or damage to personal items, third-party liability, etc. Hence, students who travel on official trips or university-sanctioned activities overseas are required to be adequately covered by their travel insurance policy before they are allowed to embark on the trip.
As specified in the "Policy on Travel Insurance for Students", the minimum level of coverage required for travel is:
  1. Medical expenses (including hospitalisation and surgical): S$250,000 (outside ASEAN) or S$150,000 (within ASEAN)
  2. Emergency medical evacuation and repatriation: Unlimited
  3. Personal liability: $1,000,000 SGD

Medical and Security Assistance
Apart from travel insurance, timely assistance on medical and security matters is also important for people on overseas travel. NTU partners with with International SOS (ISOS), and travel security services are provided by a joint venture of International SOS and Control Risks.

Prior to departure, travellers can access a wealth of destination-specific information to help them prepare and plan for the trip. In the event of an emergency during the trip, any NTU members can contact ISOS for immediate assistance. The expenses incurred for the assistance services may be borne by the traveller or claimable from his/her travel insurance, depending on the insurance terms. 
Your membership gives you access to 24/7 worldwide medical, security, travel and emergency assistance.​ Take advantage of this resource by calling an ISOS assistance center, which has physicians, multilingual coordinators, operations managers, logistics support personnel and medical and security professionals on hand to speak with you.​
You are advised to keep a copy of this membership card (as shown below) safe and with you at all times should you need to quote the membership card number to iSOS.

NTU Membership Number: 02AYCA089601

Please remember to download this NTU - iSOS Comprehensive Membership Card guide before you depart for your exchange.

MyTrips is a tool that allows travellers to register their trip details (flight details, accommodations, and other transportation mode) with ISOS. By doing so, travellers will be able to receive travel alerts before and during their travel. This also allows for ISOS and NTU to contact you during any incident or emergency.
​Inputting Trip Information into MyTrips
Individual student are required to conduct a one-time account registration for MyTrips using only their NTU email address. Please follow the steps below to create an account in MyTrips.


Requesting Assistance from ISOS
Prepare yourself prior to the trip by browsing through ISOS various medical and security online tools and signing up for ISOS​​ alerts.​
When calling the assistance centre for emergency assistance, please be prepared to provide the following:
  • ​Your Name
  • Your Company: Nanyang Technological University 
  • Your Membership Number: 02AYCA089601 
  • A phone number to call you back on 
  • Your location and Status 

For non-emergency enquiries, please email to​

Students are strongly advised to download and read through the GEM Explorer Overseas Travel - Guide and Checklist

You are also advised to read through the following useful guidelines before you depart for your exchange:

Other Useful Hotlines

It is also important that students must have the following contact details:

  1. Your Host University's Emergency Number
  2. Your Insurance 24/7 Hotline
    1. International SOS Hotline: +65 6338 7800 
  3. GEM Explorer Hotline (Working Hours only): +65 6790 5878 
  4. Ministry of Foreign Affairs (24/7 Hotline): +65 6379 8800 / 8855

For more information on ISOS services, please access this website:

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