CN Yang, NTU-USP & TSP Scholars Guarantee


​CN Yang SP, NTU-USP and TSP Scholars who are eligible for GEM Explorer are given a one-time priority for placement in any overseas programme managed by OGEM.

This means scholars can be guaranteed of securing a place in the GEM Explorer Exchange programme, but not necessarily a place in one of the top 3 host university choices ranked in your online application. To encourage diversity, scholars should spread their immersion destinations and not cluster to the same universities.

AY2016-2017 onwards:

  • CN Yang SP, NTU-USP & TSP scholars shall be allocated first. The success of allocation still depends on ranking choices and the availability of spots. 
  • Not more than 2 students from each scholarship programme shall be allocated to the same university (subject to the total number of spots available at each university).
  • For institutions with limited spots (eg. 2 spots etc.), allocation shall be based on cGPA and citizenship. For example, when 5 scholars apply for a coveted institution with only 2 available spots for exchange.


Below are the terms of your priority and how to exercise it:

  1. This guarantee for CN Yang SP, NTU-USP and TSP Scholars refers to any overseas programme managed by OGEM (e.g. 2-week to a full semester, non-fee paying, and fee paying programme).
  2. The guarantee will be given to each eligible scholar only once over the course of their degree at NTU. This means that students will only be given a guarantee one time for an overseas immersion programme. Should they apply for other programmes subsequently, they must meet all eligible criteria and compete with the other students as per the normal process.
  3. Placement at the host university will not be guaranteed. Available placements are not limited to the scholars' preference, which means that the scholar may be offered another appropriate programme arrangement outside his/her choice/preference. Scholars are encouraged to fully utilise their choices of 3 universities. Failure to do so might affect their chances of getting an exchange placement. 
  4. These terms and conditions apply to the listed scholars only (any other scholar groups will have to be assessed individually).
  5. All scholars must meet the minimum requirements/criteria of each programme (e.g. CGPA) and must abide by all the rules/regulations of the particular programme. 
  6. All university choices must be filled up at the point of application in order to exercise his/her guarantee. If the scholar fail to do so, he/she may not be given a university placement or be able to exercise his/her guarantee. 
  7. If a scholar is offered an appropriate placement and refuses it, he/she forfeits his/her guarantee. Should he/she apply again, he/she must compete with the other students as per the normal criteria. 
  8. This guarantee is not transferable.


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