Student Testimonials

Find out what past students valued the most from their exchange experiences.


Wang YiYing
School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
University of Miami | United States


The one semester spent at the University of Miami was the best time of my undergraduate study so far. It was exciting, fun-filled, horizon-broadening and everything that is good. I can't thank GEM Explorer enough for giving me this once-in-a-life-time opportunity!




Lim Jia Hui, Cherilyn
WKW School of Communications and Information
State University of New York, Buffalo | United States


I think going on exchange has to be one of the best choices I've made in my life. I've met so many wonderful friends from all around the world and the friendships that I've made here will stay with me for a long time. I've grown to be a far more independent person than I've ever imagined and if given the opportunity, I would definitely apply for exchange again!






Yap Wei Hao and Khor Chia Miang
School of Materials Science and Engineering
Lulea University of Technology | Sweden


The overseas exchange programme has provided us with a wonderful experience. Studying in a foreign land has allowed us to move out of our comfort zone and interact with people from various nationalities, learning their way of life and their perspective on things. The exposure to the various cultures during our period of stay in Sweden and exploring Europe have also widen our horizon.




Yik Rui Ping
School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences
University of Western Ontario | Canada




GEM Explorer is a good platform for you to mix with students of all nationalities. You get to experience different cultures, including cultures beyond that of your host country. It is a semester filled with fun and laughter, and most importantly, NO STRESS!






Chua Shu Ping Joella
Nanyang Business School
University of Technology, Sydney | Australia


Wanting to experience something totally different, I decided to go to Sydney, a land of diverse cultures. The adventures my friends and I had on road trips to the Australian outback and friendship forged were my most memorable takeaways. I do not regret my decision to go on exchange as I can say that it has been the most memorable experience in my life.




Foong Wai Harng
School of Art, Design and Media 
Massey University | New Zealand




Being able to go for an exchange to New Zealand means so much to me because I get to scale glaciers and eat them at the same time! On a serious note, this trip to Middle Earth gave me a chance to experience what New Zealand has to offer. Most importantly, I know that the Earth is so much bigger and it is waiting for me to explore it.






Ong Kim Siang
School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Warsaw University of Technology | Poland


The 5-month GEM Explorer programme has certainly been an eye-opener for me. It is one of the best memories I have throughout my four years of tertiary studies. Exploring the world, meeting people from various backgrounds, building new friendships; I would say this is the only time that we can fully experience it before stepping into the workforce. There are so many things that we can't learn from the textbooks, so enjoy this awesome and special learning opportunity! And of course, be safe!




Tan Shay Phing
School of Biological Sciences
Karolinska Institutet | Sweden




My exchange experience was absolutely amazing! I could not have been more fortunate for being accepted into Karolinska Institutet in Sweden, one of the world's leading medical universities.  Living away from home, on the other side of the world, has impacted me in ways that will stick with me for life. Being put outside of my comfort zone was a scary thing, but I've realized now that really it is just an opportunity to try new things.









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