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It is exciting to be studying abroad, learning about new cultures, and making new friends. However, GEM Explorer hopes that you would remember the following few points:



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Stay Connected

At any time, if you come across any course or module changes, you will have to log in to the NTU StudentLink to update it and ensure courses can be matched.

StudentLink > Academic Matters > Student Exchange > GEM Explorer - Online Course Matching Updating module

Please also check your NTU email account frequently as we may send important advisories.


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You must attend the orientation held for exchange students at your host university. Information can be found on their website for incoming exchange students, the Partner University Info Sheet, or in the host university's acceptance package.

Orientation will likely contain information on where to go when you arrive at the host country/university.



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NTU Ambassador

All Explorer students are required to be NTU Ambassadors during their exchange programme. As explained, exchange programmes run on reciprocal agreements. In return for one NTU student going to a partner university, one student from the same partner university can study here.

Students must do their part in enabling future exchanges the way that past Explorer students have enabled your exchange.

Besides being on your best behaviour, you should actively participate and volunteer in duties

You can:

  • approach the global mobility / study abroad office at your host university and ask if you can participate, on behalf of NTU, in activities that promote exchange programmes.
    Eg: Study Abroad fairs, Partners Day.

  • In the event that your host university does not have any activities/events, you may

    • prepare and conduct a short presentation about NTU or Singapore (you can ask for permission to present for 5 minutes before lecture.)

    • introduce NTU as a place to go on exchange for friends/peers at your host university


To assist you as an Ambassador,

  1. Download and print the Ambassador's Form to record your activities and email this to GEM Trailblazer at the end of your exchange.

      • You can encourage interested students from your host university to put their names and university emails down on the form. NTU OGEM could send information on summer/exchange programmes. Don't worry, we won't spam!

  2. Before going on exchange, you can also collect an Ambassador's Pack from the OGEM office, which contains a promotional kit for GEM Trailblazer and GEM Trailblazer Summer (the programmes for incoming exchange students) as well as a GEM Explorer Canvas Bag for yourself.



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Health & Safety

Tips for ensuring your own safety while abroad

Plan ahead.

  • When you arrive at the airport, do you know how to get to your place of accommodation or campus?

  • Would you have immediate mobile service on landing?

  • Do you have enough money for transport/food when you land at the airport?

Keep emergency contacts on hand.

Know your contacts for the host university as well as emergency services. Download the iSOS Assistance app and supply the membership information provided.​



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Ask Anything!                                             
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Type your questions into our ASK search engine or browse our categories for quick answers.

​Still have questions? Send us a direct email here.​

Contacting the host university 


You may contact your allocated host university if you have direct enquiries on details you are unable to find through their resources.

As far as possible, be polite and mindful of overseas office hours and turn​over time for responses (typically 3 working days). 

If you and your peers going to the same host university face the same concerns, appoint one person to enquire on the matter to prevent spamming.




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