College of Business (Nanyang Business School)

Prof Tan Hun Tong

Determinants of auditor performance, Analyst forecast, Management guidance and disclosure, Investor decision making

Assoc Prof Koh Whee Ling Kevin


Financial Reporting: Earnings Quality, Earnings Management, Use of Accounting Information for Valuation, Impact of Regulations, Corporate Disclosure, Corporate Governance, Investor Protection,

Assoc Prof Ng Bu Peow

Behavioural and judgment research in accounting and auditing; corporate governance; accounting education and ethics

Assoc Prof Tan Mui Siang, Patricia

Financial reporting issues, Financial reporting in emerging markets

Assoc Prof Tan Seet Koh


Investors and auditors judgment and decision making

Assoc Prof Tong Yen Hee


Financial Reporting Quality, Accounting Information and the Capital Markets, Financial Analysts

Assoc Prof Zhang Huai


Valuation, earnings management and financial analysts.

Asst Prof Asad Kausar


Dr Kausar's main research interests are in the areas of financial reporting and disclosure, audit research, capital markets, financial distress, market anomalies, and behavioral finance.

Asst Prof Law Kai Fung, Kelvin


Taxes and Financial analysts

Asst Prof Shen Rui


Capital Market, Corporate Finance, Voluntary Disclosure, Analyst Forecast, Disagreement, Social Intangibles

Asst Prof Yin Huaxiang


Management control systems, Interactions among individuals

Asst Prof Zeng Yachang


Neuroeconomics, managerial personal characteristics, international accounting, earnings management, CEO compensation, and financial intermediaries

Prof Kang Jun-Koo


Dr. Kang's research interests include corporate finance and international finance, particularly cross-border mergers and acquisitions, corporate governance, capital raising, international portfolio allocation, and banking.

Prof Hwang Chuan Yang


Prof. Hwang's areas of expertise are investment and corporate finance. His current research works focus on information risk and distress risk.

Assoc Prof Lau Sie Ting

International Financial Markets

Assoc Prof Angie Low An Chee


Corporate Governance, Managerial Compensation, Corporate Culture, Capital Structure

Assoc Prof Chang Xin


Corporate Finance, Stock Valuation, M&As, Corporate Innovation, Corporate Social Responsibilities

Assoc Prof Stephen Geoffrey Dimmock


Portfolio Choice, Institutional Investors, Behavioral Finance, Endowment Funds

Asst Prof Byeong-Je An


Asset Pricing, Macro-Finance, Derivatives, Delegated Asset Management, Pension Plans

Asst Prof Chen Guojun


Risk management; Corporate Cash Savings and Investment; Macroeconomics and Finance; Corporate Finance Theory and Empirical Studies

Asst Prof Chen Tao, Jonas


Corporate Finance and Corporate Governance, Mergers and Acquisitions, Tax Avoidance, Earnings Management, and Banking and Financial Institutions.

Asst Prof Chen Zhanhui


Theoretical and empirical asset pricing, in connection with corporate finance and macroeconomics

Asst Prof Shinichi Kamiya


Adverse selection, moral hazard and reputation

Asst Prof Ru Hong


Corporate Finance, Household Finance, Chinese Economy

Prof Soh Wai Lin, Christina

Prof. Soh's research interests include the business value of IT, national IT policy, and enterprise systems implementation. Her current interests include the management of global IT in multinational organizations, the strategic dynamics of IT-centric businesses such as electronic marketplaces, and the management of large, complex projects.

Prof S Viswanathan


Inventory Management, Sustainable Operations, Policies for regulating carbon emissions, Reverse Logistics & Remanufacturing, Transportation Scheduling & Timetabling, and Supply Chain & Service Operations.

CV and full list of publications can be found at this link:

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Assoc Prof Boh Wai Fong


My scholarship examines how information technology and other mechanisms can be used to facilitate knowledge and information sharing across individuals, groups and organizations. My research tends to focus on the problems of knowledge and information sharing, and I investigate how technology and other mechanisms can be used to effectively solve these problems. Recently, I have also began to expand my research into related areas of expertise management for innovation. I have completed several research projects; many of which are large scale empirical studies examining knowledge and information sharing at different levels.

• Allocation of Human Capital Resources.
• Knowledge Management.
• Enabling Information Sharing across Organizational Units and Organizations

Assoc Prof Chen Chien-Ming


Corporate social responsibility and environmental problems; empirical research on operational management; organizational productivity

Assoc Prof Chua Geoffrey Bryan Ang


His research interests are in (1) Analysis and Design of Flexible Capacity, (2) Inventory Management, (3) Operations-Marketing Interface, (4) Supply Chain Network Design, and (5) Humanitarian Logistics.

Assoc Prof Damien Joseph

His research interests are in the management of high-technology professionals, specifically examining issues relating to career, compensation, competencies, culture, and leadership.

Assoc Prof Goh Kim Huat


Electronic Markets Strategy, Economic Value of Information Technology Investment, Behavioral Economics & Information Goods Pricing, Consumer behavior in information technology mediated environments

Assoc Prof Sia Siew Kien

Enterprise Resource Planning
Research is currently in progress on these themes: (1) cultural fit of the underlying ERP business models, (2) partitioning the sources of misfits in ERP, (3) challenges in analysing, designing, and implementing ERP, and (4) ERP as an leverage for enterprise integration.

Achieving Global Excellence in Asian Companies: Strategy, Governance and Technology
This research study seeks to understand the practices followed by a handful of leading Asian companies that have clearly established themselves as global leaders.

Assoc Prof Wang Qinan

His current research interests are focused in two areas: supply chain management and health care management. Specific research problems that are currently studied include (i) mechanisms and value of information sharing in coordinating decentralized supply chains, (ii) management of patient queues, (iii) (the development and application of) health utilities index systems, and (iv) issues such as quality control in manufacturing and health care settings.

Asst Prof Arvind Sainathan


Supply Chain Management, Interface of Operations Management/Marketing, Healthcare Operations

Asst Prof Liu Fang



Research interest is in supply chain management, including coordination mechanism design for supply chain sustainability, global production network design, and production inventory management.

Asst Prof Mo Jiahui


Crowdsourcing and Open Innovation, Social Media and Social Network, Recommendation Systems and Decision Support Systems and Business Analytics

Asst Prof Wang Jianfu


• Applications: Service Operations, Healthcare Operations, Customer Flow Management, Economics of Queues
• Theory: Queueing Theory, Scheduling Theory, Stochastic Processes, Game Theory, Markov Decision Processes

Assoc Prof Ng Sok Ling, Sharon

Cross-Cultural Consumer Behavior, Branding Issues, Consumer Information Processing

Asst Prof Charlene Chen Yijun


Professor Chen's research addresses two overarching questions: (1) when and how consumers regulate their motivational and emotional states through consumption behaviour, and (2) how emotions affect consumers' choices and consumption experience.

Asst Prof Huang Xun (Irene)


Consumer Psychology and Information Processing, Sensory/Physical Experiences, Specific Emotions, Embodied Cognition

Asst Prof Ali Faraji Rad


Ali Faraji-Rad is broadly interested in subjective and biological processes that shape people's behaviors and decisions.

Asst Prof Elison Lim Ai Ching


Emotions, Information Processing, Language Effects in Advertising, Cross-Cultural Consumer Differences

Asst Prof Sadat Reza


Social interaction models; demand system estimation; duration models

Asst Prof Shi Hongyan


Distribution Channel, Product Design, Advertising, Pricing, Competitive Strategies,

Asst Prof Zhang Kuangjie


Hedonic and Experiential Consumption, Sensory Marketing

Prof Ang Soon

Cultural Intelligence, International Business, International Organizational Behavior, Outsourcing, Talent Management, Human Resource Consulting

Assoc Prof Chan Kim Yin


Professor Chan's broad area of research expertise is in the area of human resource development and psychological measurement, focusing on entrepreneurial, professional and leadership development. His specific research areas of interest are as follows:

1. Career aspirations and development in the 21st century – holistic, lifelong career development in entrepreneurial, professional and leadership dimensions.
2. Leadership – Individual differences, leadership development and the motivation to lead. and development systems, processes and issues.
3. Professions and professional development in the 21st century.
4. Entrepreneurial development.
5. Military Leadership and professionalism – competency and values-based/ethical aspects and broader human capital/organizational management

Assoc Prof Olexander Chernyshenko


Personality Assessment, Personnel Selection, Performance Theory and Measurement, Classical and Item Response Theory, Methods for Detecting Differential Item and Test Functioning

Assoc Prof Lim Beng Chong


Team effectiveness, team composition, leadership, multilevel issues, decision making, social network, sense making

Assoc Prof Ng Kok Yee

Kok-Yee Ng's research expertise is in the area of international organizational behavior, focusing on the role of culture and cultural intelligence in the domains of leadership and multicultural teams.
Her specific research areas of interest are as follows:
1. Cultural Intelligence - Measurement, Developmental Interventions, and Impact
2. Global Leadership - The Role of Culture and Cultural Intelligence on Leadership Effectiveness
3. Servant Leadership - The Role of Culture and Leader's Motivation-to-Serve
4. Multicultural Teams - Factors Affecting Interpersonal Trust in Culturally Diverse Teams
5. Multisource Feedback - The Role of Cultural Values in Affecting Rater's and Ratee's Reactions

Assoc Prof Yu Kang Yang


Professor Yu's research interests include investigating how companies manage their image and culture to attract and retain talent; asking why is it important to fit in with our jobs and organizations; and understanding how member values influence the effectiveness of the teams that they work in. He also does research in the areas of recruitment, cultural values, job satisfaction, and team effectiveness.

Assoc Prof Wong Sze Sze

Current research interests are focused on the management of knowledge and social networks in firms, particularly on how learning processes and networks affect the transfer and creation of knowledge, and the leveraging of social and knowledge networks for individual and group effectiveness.

Nanyang Asst Prof Krishna Savani


Dr. Savani's research lies at the intersection of cultural psychology, decision making, and organizational behavior, with a special focus on how cross-cultural comparisons can reveal insights into basic psychological processes. He also conducts research in managerial decision making, focusing on how subtle interventions can lead people to make more rational decisions in their personal and professional lives.

Asst Prof Georgios Christopoulos


Broadly, Prof Georgios is interested in exploring the mechanisms that describe and/or affect behavioral and neuronal responses while humans make decisions, especially in social settings. This is of course a very general question that encompasses very diverse topics such as:

- Individual decision making (deciding on the absence of social information. Risk is one of his main interests)

- Social decision making and strategic interactions (deciding while other agents are socially visible and present: allocation of resources; competition and cooperation, learning)

- Organizational Neuroscience (organizations are the ecology of the modern human; he is interested in how the structure of organizations influences biology and vice versa)

Asst Prof Fong T. Keng-Highberger


Dr. Keng-Highberger's research interests lie in the intersection of three main research domains: (a) business and behavioral ethics, (b) leadership, and (c) decision making in organizations. More specifically, she examines psychological and cultural predictors of both commission (e.g., abusive and punishment behaviors) and omission (e.g., moral decision avoidance, moral procrastination, laissez-faire leadership) forms of (un)ethical decision-making and behavior.

Asst Prof Kang Jingoo


Managerial decision making and managerial labor market, Organizational learning and evolution, Corporate social performance and its antecedents/consequences

Asst Prof Josh Wheatly Keller


Asst Professor Keller's primary research interest is studying how collectives think about managerial and organizational issues, how to gain strategic insight from how collectives think, and its impact on individual-level and firm-level outcomes. He has borrowed from theories and methods from cognitive scientific disciplines and has used his approach to examine how individuals and firms cooperate, compete, innovate, network, negotiate and lead. He has examined collectives at the societal-level (for example, how Chinese managers think about paradoxical issues and impact on cooperation and competition), and at the industry-level (for example, how entrepreneurs network within their industry).

Asst Prof Thomas Rockstuhl


Thomas Rockstuhl's research expertise is in the area of international organizational behavior, focusing on the development and validation of corpuses of cultural stimuli to assess intercultural situational judgment and on the role of culture and cultural intelligence in the domains of leadership and multicultural teams.

His specific research areas of interest are as follows:
1. Cultural Intelligence - Measurement, Developmental Interventions, and Impact
2. Emotion Recognition –Vocal & Facial Emotion Expressions Across Cultures
3. Global Leadership - The Role of Culture and Cultural Intelligence on Leadership Effectiveness
4. Multicultural Teams - Factors Affecting Interpersonal Trust in Culturally Diverse Teams

Asst Prof Marilyn Ang Uy


Affect and Emotions, Work Motivation, Entrepreneurship













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